Hotline Electric Fencing: Everything You Need to Know

If you have horses, livestock, or pretty much any animal, you know how important electric fencing is. A well-built fence keeps your animals safe on your land and helps to keep other animals at bay.

If you have horses, livestock, or pretty much any animal, you know how important electric fencing is. A well-built fence keeps your animals safe on your land and helps to keep other animals at bay.

But not all fences are created the same, which is why we recommend one brand above all!

You likely already know them due to their longevity on the market and huge popularity: Hotline Electric Fencing is a UK company with a history and heritage in the British countryside. First established as AEC Electric Fencing Ltd. back in 1968, they broadened their product portfolio in a 1998 acquisition and entered into a partnership with Horizont GMBH in 2007. These moves enhanced their ability to develop an unsurpassed range of products, including everything from insulators and solar energisers to horse kits.

Constantly improving their designs and technology, Hotline highly values the well-being of your livestock and your customer satisfaction above all. This is why they supply premium-quality products here at Equestrian Co at a fraction of the price you’ll find elsewhere. The best electric fence energisers, chargers, replacement parts, electric fencing insulators, testers, fence posts, and electric fence rope can all be yours in no time, and your wallet won’t feel any lighter!

Buy Hotline Electric Fence Equipment

Whether permanent, portable, or temporary, electric fencing is affordable, simple to install, and a breeze to maintain - and Hotline makes it as easy as it can get.
Because they know their industry inside out and have secured so much land over the past 50 years, Hotline has considered and provided every application and tool that could ever be wished for, be they for cattle, ponies, goats, or even exotic species.

Their range now comprises over 250 products and includes everything you will need for the construction of electric fences - from energisers to insulators, posts, and lead-out cables.
Their vast experience within their field ensures that they have a friendly approach to spares and repairs, and means that they provide parts you didn’t know existed!

While Hotline is proud to manufacture expert products, we are proud to be a stockist for them! Whether you are looking to rest part of a field, set up a temporary grazing area, or separate animals, we stock everything you need - quickly, efficiently and affordably.


Energisers run the show when it comes to electric fences, and when you purchase one from the oldest energiser manufacturing company in the UK, you know you’re making a high-quality investment.
Hotline carries mains, battery, and solar-powered energisers, so you have a variety to choose from. Whether you’re looking to power small runs of poultry netting or are in search of a powerful mains energiser complete with LCD display, LED indicator, battery backup and alarm system, Hotline is your go-to manufacturer.

Producing everything from solar-powered energisers to ones with AC/DC dual input, Hotline carries energisers with a life expectancy of at least five years.
They receive energisers for repair that are between ten and twenty years old - so yours can last much longer if you treat it well! Hotline energisers have either spark gaps or lightning arresters, making them safe and durable during electrical storms, and come with circuit boards and transformers that are highly moisture and humidity resistant.

Mains Powered

Mains powered energisers are cost effective to run, require less maintenance, and are generally more powerful than battery powered models - and Hotline’s variety will not let you down.
They carry energisers with a stored energy capacity ranging from 0.4 to 18 joules and with max single line distances ranging from 4 to 60 kilometres!

Additionally, all Hotline mains energisers are soak tested and flash tested, with two protection devices fitted to each one - a metal oxide varistor (MOV) for overvoltage protection and a fuse for overcurrent protection.
With no heavy battery to regularly charge and a constant level of power safely supplied to the electric fence, a Hotline mains energiser provides the most reliable electric fencing system around!

12V Battery Powered

With a battery powered energiser, your system will only be as good as your batteries, so it’s ideal to go with the best 12v batteries and battery energisers around - those manufactured by Hotline, of course!
They manufacture energisers with stored energy capacity ranging from 0.04 to 2 joules and with max single line distances ranging from 0.8 to 25 kilometres, so these types of energisers are especially suited to those who need a temporary, portable or semi-permanent electric fence.

With Hotline battery powered energisers, you can quickly relocate your fence wherever or whenever it is required, without any additional costs. Their 12v leisure and deep cycle batteries will certainly maximise the performance of your energiser!

Solar Powered

Electric fencing is often far from mains power, and a typical electric fence battery is heavy and short-lived, so many people are now switching to solar dedicated solar energisers, such as Hotline’s P80S.

Best in sunny, unshaded places, Hotline 12v solar energisers are as powerful as mains energisers and ideal for containing or excluding well-insulated animals and for energising power hungry electric netting.

They provide one of the most self-sufficient electric fence power solutions available in a single energiser - with a high-quality adjustable solar panel and deep cycle battery, these options make mains powered charging highly unlikely.


Whether you’re seeking a simple, pocket electric fence tester or a deluxe digital volt meter tester with a self-earthing mechanism, you’re looking in the right place.

Hotline produces testers as basic as beepers that indicate live wire for walkers and campers who might like to know, without pain, whether a fence is electric or not! Those looking for a more specific reading, however, will love the 6 light and LED testers, each providing a scale reading according to how strong the voltage is, and the most accurate tester comes in the form a digital tester that displays the fences exact voltage up to 9.9kv.

Hotline, ever the thoughtful supplier, also offers a fault finder, which is a self-earthing digital tester that provides a directional indication of faults! Whether you’re looking for a “yes or no” answer to if a fence is live or seeking the exact voltage on one of your fences, Hotline has you covered!


Hotline carries both metal and high-grade plastic posts, each ideal for different circumstances, and we guarantee that these posts will outperform the vast majority of highly-priced electric fence posts available, what to speak of budget options! In their vast range of electric fence posts, you will without a doubt find something to suit virtually all temporary, portable, and permanent electric fencing needs.

Pigtail, live, plain, zig-zag, multiwire, stirrup, and garden posts are some of the specialities offered by Hotwire, and with that kind of variety, we’ll be surprised if you need a post that they don’t offer!

The already insulated plastic posts contain guides, cradles, slots or holes intended to support the fence lines at fixed heights and are ideal for all types of livestock, while you will require insulators in order to fix your fence lines with the metal posts, which are in general perfect for strip grazing.


Convenient, easy-to-use electric fencing kits for all kinds of purposes are the norm with Hotline electric. Made up of the highest quality electric fence components with everything necessary to construct an electric fence, Hotline kits remove the stress-inducing task of having to choose individual fences and fence components when all you want is a ready-made, starter package!

Hotline offers both horse and poultry kits that are unparalleled when it comes to electric fencing. Suited for very different purposes, they are ideal choices for those rookies looking to get started with live fencing and not exactly sure what they need. However, they also provide an excellent option for those well-oiled farming masters interested in adding a new pasture or garden to their already protected property.

All kits come with detailed, clear instructions created specifically for Hotwire products, so you can order your kit without having to worry about building your fence without guidance!

Horse Kits

Have you been dreaming of one day being able to easily divide your fields or create a temporary paddock? Do you long to one day be able to effectively control the diet of your laminitic pony by creating a small area to restrict its grazing? Dream no more, because Hotline makes managing your horses a breeze with their electric fencing horse kits.

Available in a starter version that can be used up to 100m and a more advanced option that comes with a more powerful energiser and enough material to span 200m, these kits are both complete with tape, posts, a stake, end tensioners, gate handles with anchors, a tester and a warning sign.

Poultry Kits

Gone are the days of using wire and electric tape to create makeshift contraptions for your chickens! A Hotline electric fence netting kit will prove to be a literal lifesaver for your poultry by successfully protecting them against foxes. This option is also is ideal for setting up a great system to keep your gardens safe from rabbits and other pests.

You have a huge variety of kits to choose from, ranging from 16m starter kits to deluxe 50m kits that include absolutely everything needed to get you going! The mains and battery powered options can even be converted to solar power by adding a 10W or 20W solar panel.

Lead Out Cables & Other Accessories

If you are using mains power and need to connect to the fence or earth spike over a long distance, Hotline lead-out cables are your friend - among their variety of cables, the company offers heavily insulated, galvanised steel core leads and even a lead set for replacing earth and fence leads. You’ll never have to worry about distance again when it comes to energising electric fencing, as Hotline leads are designed to efficiently and safely take power from mains energisers to the fence, the earth, or under gates.

Other Hotline accessories available for individual purchase include gates, connectors, tensioners, all of which will ensure that your electric fence stays in tip-top shape. Earthing products like clips, stakes, switches, and voltage indicators can also be found in abundance, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about finding replacement parts of “extras” often overlooked by so many other manufacturers!

Hotline Spares & Replacements Parts for Repairs

So, you may be wondering what happens if you need a replacement part or just a backup. We promise you won’t need these parts often, as Hotline products live long lives, but should you need replacement or spare batteries, netting, wires and tapes, chargers, circuits, and more, you’ve invested in the right brand.

Hotline carries over 250 products, so you better believe that they supply all kinds of smaller parts designed to replace these little necessities.

Because Hotline is such a well-known company, these parts and accessories are always easy to purchase no matter what emergencies crop up. However, Equestrian Co. makes the process as simple as it can possibly be with our online options and stocking policy. If you do not see the exact part you’re looking for on our website, fret not - we still have you covered!

Because we want you to have the convenience of a one-stop shop, we will stock any available Hotline product that you need. So if you can’t find that specific replacement cable online, just get in touch with us and, like magic, we’ll deliver it to you faster than you can say “electric fences are brilliant”. (Maybe a little slower than that, but still within a very short time frame!)

Hotline Reviews

Are you still on the fence (pun intended!) about choosing our Hotline products? Let’s look at reviews from several Hotline customers, and you might just be convinced:

“Fantastic products which work well for years, I’ve had two of my fences for over 15 years, and they still work like new! Their products are easy to set up as well. Just follow the simple instructions, although their customer service is absolutely brilliant if you do need help.”
-SJ S.

“Great bit of kit. Perfect for strip grazing to manage a greedy pony. I have been using it for a week now, and she hasn’t broken out once. Small and light and easy to use, without carrying around heavy car batteries.”
- Bonny M.

“I usually use their wonderful fences for horses, but I just bought a new one to keep our large dog away from the poultry. One belt and he keeps his distance. I always look at Hotline products first!”
- Geoffrey W.

Hotline Stockists

While Hotline is an established company that has stockists all over the UK, why haul your new fence to your home from a brick and mortar business - especially when you can buy from Equestrian Co.’s online shop for the best price guarantee?

We promise a speedy delivery within just a few days of your purchase date, and - here’s the best part - if you’re sending your new equipment to the mainland UK, postage is 100% on us! As you already know, if we don’t have a Hotline product you need, we’ll stock it just for you, so there really is no advantage in going elsewhere!

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