Where to Buy Electric Fence Accessories?

Now that you know what type of fence you want and have settled on insulators, live materials, and fence posts, it’s time to think about the little things, those electric fence accessories
Now that you know what type of fence you want and have settled on insulators, live materials, and fence posts, it’s time to think about the little things, those electric fence accessories such as gate handles, electric fence reels, earth stakes, & lead out cables.

After all, what else but an electric fence tester could ensure your creation is up and running? We don’t think you’d want your own flesh involved in the matter, and how loudly you yell ouch isn’t exactly the best indicator of the precise voltage.

Likewise, if you opt for a battery-powered fence, what else but an electric fence battery charger is going to keep your business running? We don’t think you’ll love your equine friends clearing your fence, so carefully crafted of all those connectors, tensioners & joiners, in favour of frolicking in far-off meadows...are we right?

If you prefer not to consider these finer matters, consider one of our electric fencing kits that contains all you need to set up a fence worthy of your backscratch-loving animals. If you do love the nitty-gritty, let’s explore all the things you might need to turn your fence into an electric masterpiece. And remember, if you love any of these Hotline products, you can buy them, and replacement parts from us online to ensure free postage to anywhere in the mainland UK!

Types of Electric Fencing Accessories

Gents, one of the greatest lessons that an electric fence can teach you is that accessorising is not just for women - and if you happen to be a lady farmer or an equestrienne, this is your chance to shine by upstaging all the fences in the neighbourhood…or should we say ‘neigh’bourhood?

Although musing over electric fence accessories and replacement parts isn’t all fun and games, as an experienced farmer, agriculturalist or a horse rider you know that the quality of anything lies in the details. An electric fence doesn’t run itself, and eventually, you’ll need to consider replacement parts, chargers, and all the little nuts and bolts that are integral in composing a fence.

Safety features will be necessary to warn other humans that a live fence is close at hand, while proper gate handles will ensure that you don’t get a little (or big) surprise when you go to lead Daisy into the milking barn. Let’s explore some key players that turn a functional barrier into a great fence.

Earth Rods & Lead-Out Cables

Any mains energiser requires a lead-out cable to transfer electricity over a distance in an insulated and efficient manner. Meanwhile, earth rods (also called ground stakes) guarantee a circuit only a human or animal connected to the ground can complete...thereby ensuring a shock. Make your fence function by investing in high-quality ground material!

Gates & Gate Handles

When it comes to playing gatekeeper to a live fence, it’s vital to invest in a safe way to open and close the passageway to your livestock and other animals. Insulated gate kits, spring handles and bungee handles are a few of our options when it comes to visiting your critters or moving them in and out of the pastures.

Testers, Warnings Signs & Safety Accessories

Testers tell you if a wire is live, and, if you have a more sophisticated device, just what voltage your fence is jamming to. Warning signs are not only a good idea; they’re often required to alert a fellow human being that there’s a live fence nearby. Additionally, we carry a safety box to house an energiser and its battery - we recommend investing in all safety features for the benefit of yourself, other bipedal visitors and of course your animals.

Connectors, Tensioners & Joiners

These are the joints of your fence that keep everything running smoothly - connectors and joiners keep live lines continuous, while tensioners ensure your fence is taut. The easy use of these products guarantee that you can seamlessly create and keep a large fence functioning when it reaches middle-age. If only knee surgery was so easy on us!


Reels are essentially wheels that wind up wire (or other material) to make the task of dividing pastures a breeze. We carry wire, tape and multi-purpose options that serve as guides capable of spooling up even the trickiest of material. They all come with carry handles, making this handy accessory quite literally handy.

Spares & Replacement Parts

It happens to the best of us - even the greatest fences are in need of some TLC sometimes. Whether inclement weather is to blame or your fence components have just lived out their long, long lives, we carry batteries, clips and leads to keep your fence ever-youthful.

Battery & Battery Chargers

If you’re not digging a mains-powered or solar-powered fence, the process of elimination leaves you with something that involves a battery! We carry spring top and oxide electric batteries, complete with chargers to keep those fences up and running. We especially love our Hotline solar assist charger...who says you need a normal battery charger these days?

Fencing Kits

Don’t fancy trying to remember all the little bits and pieces that somehow combine into a fence? We suggest you invest in one of Hotline’s handy fencing kits, a pre-assembled package of most parts needed for getting a fence up and running. We carry options for horses, poultry and everything in between.

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