Gifts for Horse Lovers

Gifts for Horse Lovers: 10 Items They Will Love

From quality clothing and horse blankets to accessories and more, find the perfect gifts for horse lovers with this curated list of ideas.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

Whether it’s a birthday present for an eventer, a Christmas gift for a farmer, or a token of appreciation for a horse trainer or equine therapist, there are plenty of great gifts for horse lovers that won’t break the bank. The key to finding the perfect horse lover gift is to consider the person’s particular style and interest. 

For instance, are they a fan of English country style with a penchant for tweed, wax, and wool? Or are they a Western rider who prefers leather cowboy hats and chaps? From wool gilets to horse leg wraps, this gift guide offers 10 unique ideas for the horse-loving person in your life.

1. Wool Waistcoat

A wool waistcoat is never amiss for a horse lover who also loves the great outdoors. It’s a layer that adds warmth, versatility, and style. This quintessential gift idea is even better if it incorporates quality stitching with stylish details such as branded studs and striped lining. There’s always a reason to wear a waistcoat whether you intend to walk in the country, ride in a hunt, shoot, or train a youngster. The Walker & Hawkes Ladies’ Light Sage Derby Tweed Waistcoat/Gilet is a perfect example.

2. Wax Jacket

Wax jackets keep you warm whatever the weather may throw at you. The British have long sported these country staples lined with warm materials and an outer wax layer. These jackets are impervious to wind and rain and also repel hay and straw that can stick to other jackets made of less robust materials. Those who spend time outdoors know the beauty and comfort of a wax jacket whether they’re wearing it for shooting, hiking, horse riding, or training. The Walker & Hawkes Men's Olive Waxed Cotton Country Jacket has pockets galore and a detachable hood.

3. Caps and Hats

A cap or hat can be the perfect gift. They not only keep the head warm but they also protect it when birds are flying in and out of the barn dropping their own gifts at the same time. 

Caps are practical and they top off an outfit. Tweed caps add British style while a waxed cap offers more protection from damp British weather. Check out this Walker & Hawkes Unisex Waterproof Brown Waxed Cotton Flat Cap or this Baker Boy tweed hat from Equestrian Co.

While hats can be the best gifts for horse lovers, the Western horse person might prefer a different style, like a safari, cowgirl, or cowboy hat. Fans of "Yellowstone" can appreciate these gorgeous accessories that come in black leather, cowhide, or brown suede. These hats offer protection from the sun and, just as importantly, plenty of style. Check out the Rogue One Ten P Safari/Cowboy Hat from Equestrian Co.

4. Riding Coat

Some equestrians aren’t put off by the weather, and they know they needn’t be if they have the right gear. Riding coats keep riders dry and warm when working on the ground or in the saddle. Long coats that protect from the elements are too long to wear riding, but changing jackets in order to ride particularly in rainy weather is cumbersome.

A stockman’s trench coat specially designed with a fantail and leg cuffs solves that problem. These coats allow you to work on and off the horse in any weather, and they keep the horse rider and your saddle dry. Any equestrian would be delighted with a riding coat like this Walker & Hawkes Stockman Brown Long Wax Coat / Raincoat with Hood for men and women.

5. Leather Holdall

Woodland Leathers holdall gift for horse lovers

A beautiful leather holdall for traveling or as a sports bag can be a great gift. Leather bags are classy and stylish. This holdall by Woodland Leathers is made from super-soft Colombian hide, has pockets for passports and tickets (and space for your riding gloves and helmet), and double zip pulls for longevity.

6. Horse Boots

Tack is not the best of surprise equestrian gifts for horse lovers because it has to be just the right type, fit, and style. The same is true for riding boots. However, horse boots are a little easier to size. Just like you can never have enough shoes, you can never have enough horse boots and leg wraps. Both are vital to protect the tendons on horses’ legs from knocks and scrapes while horseback riding

Some boots have therapeutic relief features and create a warming effect for faster healing. Many boots are beautifully designed with fancy straps and brass buckles. These Back on Track® Equine / Horse Work Boots for hind legs are sturdy and sleek-looking.

7. Leg Wraps

Polo wraps make great stocking stuffers and gifts for horse lovers. Leg wraps are flexible and conform to the horse's leg. Unlike sport boots or horse boots, they cover the entire leg equally and cover the fetlock. Polo wraps are a great alternative to boots for horses if a horse has an injury that needs to be covered or if boots rub. Some wraps offer therapeutic properties that can reduce soreness and tension. Consider these Back on Track® Welltex™ Equine / Horse Fleece Bandages as a gift for someone.

8. Accessories

The list of gifts for horse lovers is endless when it comes to accessories. Horse grooming kits need constant replenishment with new horse brushes, hoof moisturizers, mane and tail shampoos, not to mention horse treats. Jewelry like sterling silver horse charms, keepsakes, and even handbags and stemless wine glasses are all good gifts

A sheepskin accessory, however, is a bit different, and always a welcome addition to a horse’s tack. A beautiful leather halter is even more stylish when a sheepskin halter cover is added to protect the horse’s poll and nose areas from rubs. A loved one will appreciate the added protection when transporting their equine friend or even just keeping them protected in the paddock. This high-quality Back on Track® halter cover from Equestrian Co. will be a unique gift for any horse owner.

9. Saddle Pad

Gifts for horse lovers: Rider with saddle pad on horse

Saddle pads quickly become dirty, sweaty, and full of hair in the warmer months. Extra pads are great gifts for horse lovers, particularly when the equestrian falls behind on laundry and an important event is coming up. There are saddle pads for every discipline and for daily training and showing. The fabric offers therapeutic benefits for horses prone to injuries or with sensitive backs.

Many items like saddle pads, horse blankets, and jewelry can be personalized for an equestrian or their horse. Just keep in mind that personalized gifts require a bit more time for delivery.

10. Horse Blanket

A horse blanket won't work as a stocking stuffer, but every horse owner loves a new blanket. Each blanket serves a different purpose so be sure to choose a suitable one. Depending on the climate, a blanket might need only to protect from wind, flies, or rain. It might need to protect a horse in sub-zero temperatures.

You might need to do a bit of digging and some research to find out what type of blanket would best suit the equestrian in your life. This stable rug by Back on Track® provides warmth for autumn and early winter days.

Choose Gifts for Horse Lovers That Reflect Quality and Style

A gift card or gift box is always an option, but the beauty of knowing a horse person is that they are so fun to buy for. While you could always consider horsey home decor, horse prints, horse jewelry, and other horse-themed gifts, use this curated list of ideas to find something that any horse enthusiast would be delighted to receive.