The Ultimate Guide to Women's Tweed Flat Caps & Hats

We’re going through a renaissance, and no, it doesn’t involve da Vinci sculptures or Latin literature.

We’re going through a renaissance, and no, it doesn’t involve da Vinci sculptures or Latin literature. Rather, it centres on something closer to home: tweed. Women especially are able to ride this stylish wave to a wardrobe from paradise, as so many clothing items these days are crafted from this most gorgeous and practical of fabrics. Ladies all over the UK - including high profiles like Victoria and Kate - are tapping into this trend, and the world is following in our footsteps. Everything from tweed flat caps for women that look straight out of the Yorkshire countryside to ladies’ tweed coats in hues of blue and green is fair game. Let it be known that baker boy caps crafted from the finest Harris tweed are no longer for just the boys! Be careful about buying unisex items though - if your new Derby tweed baseball cap mysteriously disappears, you’ll probably find it in your man’s closet.

The good news is that we aren’t actually living in the Renaissance; so you can buy all your necessities online, and your women’s tweed flat cap in beige will be waiting for you on your doorstep in a few days. Not all brands are created equal, though - we especially love tweed caps by Walker & Hawkes, and in case you need more tweed in your life (you do!) we also carry other designer items such as tweed jackets for women, ladies’ tweed waistcoats, and men’s tweed hats. Happy tweeding - er, we mean shopping!

Women’s Guide: How to Wear a Tweed Flat Cap

Many women assume that tweed goes only with a particular type of look - tomboy, country gal, and preppy styles being the top hitters.
We’re thrilled to let you know that, while outfits aiming for these looks typically include some kind of tweed piece of kit, all kinds of other styles benefit from a tweed cap or hat! Girly girls, sports fanatics, and glam divas can all find shelter under some kind of tweed topper without feeling that they’re abandoning their signature style, and we’re here to prove it to you.

Are you a fashionista trying to emulate our new royal? Tweed flat caps fresh off the runway abound, and you won’t be surprised when Meghan dons one the week after you do.
Are you just a girl next door who wants a subtle but fresh addition to her wardrobe? There are so many tweed baseball caps that parallel your laid-back vibes and are still unique enough to catch the eye of that boy next door - you know, the cute one.
We urge you to experiment for yourself, but if you’re still looking for direction, we’ll run through some of the best types of tweed hats and most common occasions to wear them to.

When to Wear

Two of the most important things to consider when choosing a flat cap to wear are the occasions you plan to frequent while wearing it, along with your style. If your Instagram feed is as glam as Lady Gaga’s, you’re probably going to go for different tweed headgear than that of a farm girl puddling around her garden.
Fortunately, tweed is one of those rare materials that adapt to all seasons and both informal and fancy occasions, but let’s go through some events you might find yourself at just to get a sense of how to adjust.

Shooting or Hunting

This is the tweed flat caps time to shine. This stunner of a topper seems to have been made for equestrian women and outdoor sporting, so everyone will be none the wiser when you adventurous ladies wear one with a pair leather shoes and a fitted tweed waistcoat on a day out in the fields. Just be careful to focus on your targets while everyone else focuses on you!

Everyday Wear

Maybe you love that laid back life (we’re with you!) and just want a super casual hat to wear while running to the store - if so, try capping off that low pony you love to rock with a tweed baseball cap, and throwing on a pair of jeans to go. We predict that soon your boyfriend will take a sudden interest in accompanying you on more errands!

Fancy Party

Ditch the stuffy pillbox cap and opt for a tweed baker boy cap instead - you’ll arrive at your dinner party feeling as glam as the rest but doubly fresh. A refined version is fancy enough to pair with heels and a sleek, fitted mini! We recommend darker colours for fancier events but go lighter for a polished daytime look.

Types of Tweed Hats & Caps for Ladies

Now that you understand how to choose a hat based on occasion, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with popular types of caps and how different styles might wear them. But first, how do you understand your own personal taste? Let’s run through a few of the major styles that women adopt so that you can apply them later to the various hat types.

Fashionista: you’re the life of the runway! Ever the Fashion Queen, you rule all when it comes to setting trends and mixing bold patterns, cutouts, and fabrics. Others look to you for style guidance, and passersby think you’ve just stepped off the catwalk.

Vintage: your shop is free - it’s your grandmother’s wardrobe from her younger years! You love to shop charity shops and are a master when it comes to creating feminine, modern twists on classic pieces.

Girl Next Door: You exude the sweet, laid-back vibe, and you’re able to look effortlessly classy without even trying. Exuding that low maintenance “I woke up like this” vibe, you make everyone else wish they woke up like that too.

Preppy: Your school days may be over, but no one would be able to tell by looking at you. You probably lost the pigtails, but you definitely still have the charm. You love plaids, high knee socks, and loafers.

Country Lady: You reign the estate and prefer to spend the day with your horses. Embodying the equestrian look, you gravitate towards classy, refined looks and are always the most gracious guest at dinner gatherings.

Girly Girl: You and your man don’t share any clothing because you have no unisex items and won’t wear any of his. A lover of all things pink, detailed, and all around feminine, you love wearing dresses and prefer accessories that have fine detailing. Who rules the world?

Of course, you don’t need to pin yourself down to one style - have fun experimenting until you settle on your own signature look! Once you feel comfortable identifying with a certain taste, it’s time to choose which type of hat is the one (or one of the ones) for you.

Baseball Cap

The American classic is a staple topper across the world, but we love the uncommon combination that this fairly typical hat makes when paired with tweed. Because this hat was originally worn by men, the sight of a lady rocking one is all the more fabulous and attractive! Quite a bit jazzier than the average cotton baseball cap, this tweed version becomes even classier when paired with a leather peak, like those made by Walker & Hawkes.

Fashionista: You live for unexpected twists and surprising combinations, so a baseball cap in tweed is right up your alley. Pair with a silk twill dress, a handbag in a contrasting colour, and top it off with a long trench coat in the colder months. If you’re bold enough, you can even look for bright platform shoes!

Vintage: You may not be a fan of such a mainstream sport as baseball, but a tweed baseball hat? Yes, please! Since you probably already own a wardrobe full of cords, worn leather, and even knitted wool, have fun mixing these with your new tweed find. Pair with some ankle lace-up boots and round sunglasses for a true hipster feel!

Girl Next Door: Nothing says ‘girl next door’ like a good ole baseball cap, but the more formal tweed will level up an easygoing outfit comprised of blue jeans, a fitted cotton top, and a pair of crisp, white kicks! You may be casual, but you sure aren’t plain! Every dude will wish he had a girl like you next door - because he’ll want to borrow your cap.

Baker Boy Cap

Also known as the cabbie, newsboy, page boy, and fisherman, this headpiece developed from being part of men’s working class uniforms in the early 1900s to topping the locks of ultimate cool girls all over the world. Worn by top Brit supermodels - think Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss - to present day beauties like the Hadid sisters, the tweed baker boy cap has its heyday every day.

Preppy: Classic colours are your longtime companions, so opt for a baker boy in a dark black tweed and pair with a fresh white polo, a dark red plaid skirt, and knee high socks. If the weather is even slightly chilly, it’s almost imperative that you bring along a knitted jumper and carry it the ultimate prep way: over your shoulders with the sleeves tied in front of your chest.

Country Lady: You love subtle, soft, and muted colours, so buy a tweed newsboy cap in true country style by opting for a beige, olive, or brown hue. Pair with a women’s tweed waistcoat and leather riding boots for a true equestrian look, or combine a classier cream version with a tweed skirt suit when you host your estate dinner.

Girly Girl: “Do they make these in pink?” might be your first question, and they do, but you can still keep your ultra-feminine appearance by opting for a tweed baker boy cap in a classic colour like white or black and pairing it with a fluttery dress, snazzy jewellery or high heels. After you’re done wearing it for the day, people might change the name of this cap to “baker girl”!

Flat Cap

The predecessor of the baker boy, the flat cap is enjoying as much attention and popularity as it’s younger cousin. This type of topper carries the magical elixir of hats - it’s able to give life to an otherwise monotonous outfit while also spicing up an already sizzling look. Because tweed does the same thing in the fabric world, it’s truly hard to come up with any reason not to don a tweed flat cap!

Girl Next Door: Alternative your tweed baseball cap with one of these gems - this cap announces your easygoing nature to the world, but in a way that doesn’t compromise your style. Wear a light beige tweed version with a denim skirt and a light cotton jumper for maximum cool-girl vibes. Your neighbourhood will never be the same again.

Preppy: Strangers will take you for a clever university student when you pair a grey or black tweed flat cap with a striped navy boat neck top, fitted dark wash jeans, a leather messenger bag and a knit jumper to go. Even though you may not be in uni any more, only an extremely clever lady could put together an outfit like that!

Vintage: Go for a pastel or earthy-hued tweed when you choose your next tweed flat cap - even though any version of this hat already looks hipster, unique and faded colours will fully display your retro vibe from yesteryear. Pair with a fitted cotton dress, preferably in fun colours and strong patterns like vertical stripes, and don’t forget to take pictures with your Polaroid!Bucket Hat
Named so because it’s in the shape of an upside-down bucket, this hat is much more attractive than it sounds when atop the noggins of the fair sex! Able to be folded, stuffed in a coat pocket and brought out when needed, a good tweed bucket hat will always retain its shape and provide waterproof protection in our famous British weather. You can rely on this hat to elevate any casual outfit and serve a very practical purpose - the durable tweed will never let you down!

Girly Girl: This type of headgear is perfect for you, as the shape allows for ribbons, plait accents or flower detail to grace the body of the hat in a rather sophisticated style. We recommend our Pink or Purple Stripe Ruched Style Country Tweed Hat for you! Brightly coloured and highly detailed, this piece will steal the show, so wear flowy garments in neutral colours that will let the hat speak!

Fashionista: While the idea of a bucket-shaped hat might not carry much weight for the average woman, the ultimate cool girl knows that the next show at London Fashion Week will prove that this is the latest It accessory! If you’re that girl, pair a bright or patterned tweed bucket hat with a cutout cotton dress and knee-high boots for a night on the town!

Country Lady: Elegance and practicality are equally important to you, and this hat fits the bill for both. When you’re in the fields, pair a brown version with fitted twill trousers and a forest green tweed coat to stay warm and dry. 

There’s so much you can do out there in the world, don’t let the fact that you have a cold head stop you. Your head deserves something stylish, something flattering, and let’s face it, on the days when your hair is not looking it’s best, a good hat can be a veritable lifesaver. Take a look at any country fashionista’s wardrobe, and you’re very likely to find a tweed hat, tweed cap, even a tweed baseball cap.


Anyone who spends long stretches of time outdoors, enjoying the great British countryside, knows that wearing the right clothes and accessories makes all the difference to how much they enjoy it, whether it’s mucking out stables, going shooting or hunting or just popping onto the high street for a spot of shopping.

We’ve all seen many a film where the female lead walks through a sudden shower; her make up runs slightly in a very cute way, her hair gets wet but not unattractive, her clothes cling to her curves in a very appealing way, but let’s get back to reality. If you walk through a British shower and let’s face it, we do that a lot, somehow we don’t look like the heroine, we frequently look more like the drowned rat, ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but how many times have you wished you had a hat?

A great, go-anywhere, keep it in the glove compartment, lend it to your kids, still looks sexy hat? We have just the thing! Our collection of tweed hats for women encompasses all styles and caters to a wide range of ages and tastes. Whether you are happiest in a jaunty tweed cap or a traditional flat cap, you will find something that steals your heart here. Howling wind and blustering snow? We can’t control the weather, but we can prepare for it. All of our hats are designed to brave and withstand the elements.

Crafted in the finest fabrics with practical, well thought out designs. The most popular and trustworthy styles are here.

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