My notions of the equestrian lifestyle originated with my grandmother, Nancy. She rode horses and competed in the Hunter Class from a young age, and horses were her defining and lifelong passion. She put me on a horse for the first time when I was two years old, and I was hooked too.

Everything she owned–from her saddle to her boots to her gloves–were exquisite. That is not to say they were ornate or expensive–they were simply impeccably crafted with long-wearing natural materials like fine grain leather, waxed canvas, wool, wood, and cotton. Though most pieces had a patina from years of use, everything still functioned perfectly.

But when I reached a point in my adulthood when I could move to the country and invest in horses, I wasn’t interested in competing like my grandmother had. I simply wanted to ride out and be in relationship with these incredible beings—cantering through a cow pasture, walking down a trail, or standing in a round pen. I didn’t have a discipline or a style, so I never felt like I fit in with the equestrian brands catering to the elite competitor or selling thousands of pieces of tack and equipment I didn’t need. And I couldn’t find the beautiful, high quality, timeless essentials like my grandmother ownedthe kind of things that could withstand endless wear, tear, or weather—and that I’d only have to buy once.

Equestrian Co. was borne from a desire to offer all horse lovers a curated edit of essential goods that are exceptionally well made yet highly functional, like the well loved gear my grandmother passed on to me. 

We hope that Equestrian Co. inspires you to confidently spend more time with horses, whatever that may look like for you. 

-Molly Hayward

ECo. Owner & Horse Obsessive