How to Choose The Best Equine Shower

My not so secret “secret” for spending more productive time with my horses is to utilise gadgets, and my favourite must-have item that saves me time is the portable horse wash that I can even bring to shows with me.

You might be wondering how this could save time, well let me break it down for you - on boiling hot summer days (the few that we usually have in the British summer!) yep you can spray your horses off with a hose and throw them into the stable without a seconds thought.

But on colder days, especially in the dead of winter when it's cold enough to... make your bones feel chilly - you could be risking your horse's health by bathing him in cold water.
A chill can quickly turn into colic, and we all know how dangerous that can be.

I mean, come on - we’ve all seen that scene in Black Beauty haven’t we? Nobody wants to go through that with their horse.

With affordable and portable horse showers, you don’t have to worry about working your horse enough to sweat during the winter - meaning that you’ll definitely be ready to wipe the board when next show season rolls around!

Horse lovers, we’re a breed of our own, aren’t we?! We love our big four-legged fluffy friends more than any non-horse person could possibly understand. But while non-horse folk might see buying a horse shower an extravagance, we know that it’s actually an investment in our horse's health, happiness, and our own time. Horse showers, especially the products of the portable variety, are taking the equestrian world by storm.

Spending your time around horses is the best way to spend your time, but sometimes it feels as though there are so many chores to do that you don’t get that much riding or bonding time with your pony - and that’s not OK. When you think about just how much money we all spend on our horsey habits, it’s essential to have the time you deserve to enjoy horse ownership - and there’s a clever hack for doing this… a horse shower. Considering buying a horse shower? Have a look at our selection of horse showers. We only stock the best horse showers that have been thoroughly tested. Bear in mind that you'll also need a high-quality trolley if you need your horse shower to be portable. Alternatively, have a look at our selection of dog showers that are more portable and have the ability to wash a horse with multiple refills.

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