5 Simple Reasons to Pick a Hot Water Horse Shower

1. Pleasant Experience Your horse will never have to experience a cold bath again! Just think of this. All those times you cringed as your horse cringed while you were giving it a bath with cold wa...

Horse Shower Reviews

Eccotemp L5 Outdoor Gas Shower WEIGHT 6.6kg (excl gas tank - not included) PORTABLE Yes when used with a trolley! WARRANTY One year COLOURS AVAILABLE White WIPE CLEAN Yes! WHY WE RECOMMEND Q...

Portable Horse Shower Uses

Horse Washing When you think of a horse shower, your mind will likely go straight to washing your horse - but they come in handy for a bunch of reasons! Bathing Of course one of the most obvious us...

Types of Portable Water Heaters for Horses

Deciding between gas or electric hot wash units depends on your preference, and whether you’ll be using the shower indoors or outdoors, and whether you’d like a permanent or mobile shower. Let’s ru...

Guide to Selecting The Best Horse Shower

Choosing the best portable horse shower for your needs depends on a few criteria, the number of horses you plan on washing, and the facilities of your yard. Let’s run through some of the most commo...

How to Choose The Best Equine Shower

My not so secret “secret” for spending more productive time with my horses is to utilise gadgets, and my favourite must-have item that saves me time is the portable horse wash that I can even bring...

Horse Grooming Tips [Infographic]

Once you get hooked on horses, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll be hooked on anything to do them. 

The Health Benefits of Horse Riding [Infographic]

When you think of horse riding, you might think that the horse does ‘all the work,' but you couldn't be further from the truth.
What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is the sport of shooting at inanimate objects rather than live game birds.