Types of Portable Water Heaters for Horses

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Deciding between gas or electric hot wash units depends on your preference, and whether you’ll be using the shower indoors or outdoors, and whether you’d like a permanent or mobile shower. Let’s run through some of the pros and cons of each option!

Electric Horse Showers

For many, they prefer the convenience of plugging into a power socket; however electric hot showers have been known to use masses of electricity which can drive up your next electricity bill.

And ordinarily, it’s not as simple as plug and play - so if you’re buying an electric shower be prepared to call out the electrician if you’re not handy with wires!

One of the biggest pros of electric washers is if you’re looking for a fixed unit - once it’s all connected, you don’t need to think about it again, and notably - you don’t have to remember to replace gas canisters!

Gas (LPG) Showers

Gas showers cannot be used indoors as a mobile unit due to the fumes that the gas gives off which are not safe for you to be around, or for the other horses in the barn.

You can, of course, fit a vent when using indoors - but that will turn your horse wash into a stationary piece of kit rather than a mobile unit which can be rolled from barn to barn.

One of the best things about gas powered showers is that they’re incredibly economical, and last for a very long time indeed!

Your portable gas powered shower can provide almost thirty hours of hot water on one single (11kg) gas canister - not bad ey!

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