The Definitive Guide to Styling a Men's Tweed Gilet

The Definitive Guide to Styling a Men's Tweed Gilet

Men's tweed gilets and waistcoats can actually work for any style, even casual looks that are aimed towards indoor wear. Of course, they can function as bodywarmers ideal for any sports event or outdoor activity, such as shooting, hunting, or working in the field.

Men's tweed gilets and waistcoats can actually work for any style, even casual looks that are aimed towards indoor wear. Of course, they can function as bodywarmers ideal for any sports event or outdoor activity, such as shooting, hunting, or working in the field. But consider these garment to be the epitome of flexible wear - if you’re going to be both inside and outside, a gilet can be added or subtracted accordingly. This makes them the ideal companion for all kinds of occasions, styles, and seasons.

Have a country estate party to attend? Throw on a formal derby tweed gilet. Going on Friday night date with your leading lady? A fitted herringbone waistcoat will make you irresistible. The right Harris tweed waistcoat will even turn your average joe into the most dapper fellow in the office - consider this garment like a ribbon tying your whole look together.

And not only is the garment itself perfect - as you already know, tweed as a fabric is likewise suitable for all climates, events, and styles! Throw the two together, and you’ve got a staple you’ll be shimmying into on the regular!

Laidback Farmer

  • About This Style - The laidback farmer look is so much more than a look; it’s a lifestyle lived by the most rugged and country-loving men around. This type goes for hardy, purpose-driven looks that complement their masculinity, but they’re never out of touch with their sense of polish.
  • Outfit - Nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a checked shirt,  pair of faded jeans, your woolen socks, and some well worn boots. But, why not go full-on farm proud and grab your tweed waistcoat too?! A country hat can top things off, but your mannerisms are your most important asset! 
  • Activity - Bringing in the harvest before an evening at the pub.


  • About This Style - Inspired by London Fashion Week catwalks and Pinterest feeds around the world, the fashion-informed dude is a trailblazer who lays the foundations for upcoming trends. He has mastered the art of blending colours, avant-garde cuts, and bold patterns in the most tasteful manner!
  • Outfit - Twill trousers, loafers, orange shirt, bolero tie and a Harris tweed gilet! Finish off the look with a cap in a contrasting colour and a pebble grain leather man bag...and don’t forget to take loads of selfies for Instagram.
  • Activity - Attending a university classmate’s debut fashion show.


  • About This Style - Think fashion-forward, but with a side of vintage. This young creative loves a retro style, yet with the comfort and modern fabric blends that we’ve come to appreciate today. If you happen to consider yourself a digital nomad, and your clothing consists of a blend of charity shop finds, and traditional pieces - then you’re likely a hipster!
  • Outfit -  Blue cords, white shirt, denim jacket, pocketed herringbone waistcoat, and a trusty pair of Toms shoes
  • Activity - A weekly book club meet-up.

Regal Gent

  • About This Style - Dapper to the max, but with a twist of country charm! This chap has a special air about him that indicates dignity and prestige, but his respectful nature is his classiest feature. Although he embodies luxury, he does so in the most tasteful and refined manner possible. He leaves everyone wondering what his secret is!
  • Outfit - Twill trousers, polished leather loafers, freshly ironed white button-down, and lined Derby tweed jacket. Complement the tweed with leather accessories (a watch and belt are essential!), fine cottons, and other high-class fabrics that add to your mysterious aura. 
  • Activity - Hosting a dinner party.

Casual Chap

  • About This Style - Easy going by nature but always refined, the casual chap loves to spice up his laid-back look with layers and comfy flair. He looks handsome, but effortlessly so, and his admirers are left wondering if he tried hard or not at all.
  • Outfit - Fitted chinos, cotton cardigan, and a loosely worn tweed gilet. Slip into a pair of crisp sneakers, and don’t forget to bring a tweed coat for your date when she gets cold - she’ll quickly follow in your tweed-loving footsteps!
  • Activity - Date night with your main squeeze.

Why Tweed?

Tweed has been around for hundreds of years, having first originated in the countrysides of 18th century Scotland from dyed wool. It has remained in fashion to this day, especially in Great Britain - not only because of how fashionable and flexible it is but because this is one sturdy fabric that lasts for a lifetime if well taken care of.

Aside from being one of the most durable fabrics to use, tweed’s water repellent properties make it an excellent choice if you reside in good ole rainy England! In the summer, tweed waistcoats can act as light outerwear over a short sleeve polo, while in the coldest of winters many choose to wear their gilets over their overcoats during the harshest snow and ice storms.

Now that you understand the many advantages of tweed, you may be wondering if there are any disadvantages. Having been used as traditional winter garb (made of wool, no less!), tweed, as it was originally made, is generously warm, and could thus be misunderstood as a poor choice for summer attire.

However, lightweight tweed, or tweed woven with cotton, makes the material much airier and - as the name implies - cooler to wear during the summertime. Many designers have even given lightweight tweed a glamorous edge. Some people unfamiliar with the material misunderstand tweed as stiff and itchy - but if well made, it’s actually one of the softest and most flexible fabrics around!

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