Types of Clothing Walker & Hawkes Sells

Walker & Hawkes are a trusted source for reliable country, shooting and hunting clothing. Their garment quality, and design is above and beyond what we usually expect but certainly what we’ve ...

Walker and Hawkes Reviews

When you buy from a company, you want to know that the product you’re buying has stood up to peer testing. You want to know if the tweed is good quality, if the sizes are a good fit, if they last, ...

Walker and Hawkes Discount Coupons Codes & Vouchers

We are proud to be able to offer the best possible pricing on our entire Walker and Hawkes range. If a customer shops at Equestrian Co, they can be assured of receiving the best price available. We...

How to Choose a Men's Wax Jacket

Men’s wax jackets are the quintessential piece of kit in Britain for any self-respecting gent. These jackets are oh so stylish and no longer have to stay in the countryside. Wax jackets for men hav...

Where to Buy Country Clothing for Children?

Perhaps you’re a parent on a quest for the perfect wax jacket that your daughter, already an avid equestrian at her tender age, can wear on a rainy day at the barn.

Children's Tweed Flat Caps (Boys & Girls): The Ultimate How To Guide

Caps and hats, they save us all. The mums who worry about their children burning can feel good and relax as they put a Walker and Hawkes flat cap or baseball cap on their child.
Styling a Women's Tweed Blazer: From Casual to Formal

Styling a Women's Tweed Blazer: From Casual to Formal

Women’s tweed jackets have been the long-standing monarch of British fashion for centuries, and they’re not ending their reign anytime soon! Born in the Scotland countryside and revolutionised by h...

The Definitive Guide to Leather Messenger Bags for Women

The UK is a hotspot for all types of fashion, and keeping up with each of the latest trends can be quite exhausting.

How to Choose The Best Women's Tweed Coat?

A women's tweed coat is so much more than something that just keeps you warm; this is a statement piece, a way for ladies’ to show their unique style, and their patriotism towards the UK.