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Walker & Hawkes are a trusted source for reliable country, shooting and hunting clothing. Their garment quality, and design is above and beyond what we usually expect but certainly what we’ve come to love. You only have to read some of the reviews available online to see what we mean.

All of their products are well regarded and well worn on the field, on walks, and at the yard. Whether you buy a Walker and Hawkes ladies tweed jacket, men's tweed coat, wax jacket, sports hats, or shooting breeks you’re choosing more than a quality product; you’re choosing attention to detail and a genuine love of the outdoors. We are very proud to stock products (which can be found on this page) from Walker and Hawkes. No gimmicks, no discount coupons, no hard sell, they are the real deal!

Over at Walker and Hawkes, they understand country sports, and they understand us country people who spend our time out there, whether on country footpaths - in one of their wax coats for women, or deep in the field in one of their stylish men's tweed waistcoats.

They share our values. They know that whether we are at work, play or home, we express ourselves, not just in what we do, but also in how we dress. We always look forward to them providing inspiring pieces, inspiring what we want to wear, what we want to put in our wardrobe.

They offer flattering, practical clothing from their stunning tweed waistcoats for ladies to their men's wax gilets - that makes it simple for us to enjoy our lifestyle. They do more than sell clothing. With every exchange we have, every interaction it’s obvious that they love what they do, they don’t sell clothing, they help us live the country life. And they obviously understand our need to be out there in the country; they share that life with us.

Walker and Hawkes Clothing

A selection of country clothing guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of town or country tastes. Walker & Hawkes country and derby clothing and accessories gives you the ultimate choice in country and town wear.

Whether you are hunting, fishing, shooting or just going for a quick walk into town, their classical and practical range of country wear is sure to keep you warm and dry, or cool and dry they have a range to suit. We try to stock the full country wardrobe, from socks to hats, from jackets to gilets to coats, waxed cotton to tweed.

Their collection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children are designed for every adventure, you might start out buying something for a day's shooting, but we know our customers have found items easily find their way into everyday usage.

Gilets and Waistcoats

Gilets are those wonderful additions to your wardrobe when you need warmth but not bulk.

Ladies Gilets

A classic tweed waistcoat for ladies, or gilet, is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Dressed up or down these highly practical but stylish garments are a feminine touch of country. We stock not only the traditional lots o’ pockets version, but for the more fashion-focused ladies we also stock the sleek fitting versions.

Gents Waistcoats

Ah, the perfect waistcoat, that familiar friend. A bit like (well, ok, not too much like) a well-trained dog who loves to wait in a blind more than anything else in his world, sitting in the blind with him is more fun than the rest of the shoot and the shooting party! Wearing one of these comfortable, practical and ruggedly handsome garments is terrific when you’re in the great outdoors, but sometimes they’re nice to put on just to walk to the pub... with the dog. We stock both the men’s tweed waistcoats and the men’s wax gilet; we recommend one of each.

Children’s and Babies Waistcoats / Gilets / Vests

Whether you want your little mini-me to coordinate perfectly, little one wants to look just like you, or you just need some seriously rugged playwear - have a look at our selection. The perfect gift for the child who has everything, they probably already have the pony but who doesn’t need another waistcoat in their wardrobe? They are just so cute and good looking! Don’t forget the matching hat.

Jackets and Coats

Wax Jackets and Coats

Waxed coats for women, gents and children, our selection of waxed jackets and waxed coats is understandably extensive. This is the style that is a favourite in the British countryside, and rightly so. A perfect example of practical material meets practical design and looks jolly good at the same time.

Belted Wax Jackets

All the wearability of waxed cotton, but with the added warmth of a belt. A bit like tucking your feet under the quilt to keep them warm, belting your jacket increases warmth by trapping warm air in between you and the waxed cotton. It’s also a very flattering style, win-win.
Tucking a scarf around your neck and under your collar also increases your warmth, as does wearing a hat and gloves. A well-filled hip flask can work wonders too.

Stockman Long Wax Jacket / Coat

This one isn’t just for outdoorsmen living in the outback anymore, the practical design of this coat has won it legions of fans.
Designed longer than usual, this coat is the perfect rainy weather coat, keeping more of you dry. You won’t get an accumulation of water trying to get in through the seams with this coat, the water just effortlessly runs off of the shoulder epaulettes and the back panel, leaving the material closest to you well protected.
A favourite amongst sporty types and stewards at rainy country shows, pair this with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of waterproof boots, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the beer tent. It’s longer length makes for a great impromptu picnic blanket on dry days as well!

Traditional Wax Jacket / Coat

London, Manhattan, Paris, Sydney, it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, you’re going to see this jacket.

Dressed for work or pleasure, casual or smart, these styles of waxed cotton coats are as important as denim jeans are to your wardrobe (or corduroy trousers if you’re my Uncle James, honestly, we can hear him coming with that swish, swish).

An easy coat to maintain, did you know that after you’ve shared a few adventures together, you can re-wax your jacket to make it as good as new.
Walker and Hawkes’ jackets are exceptionally hard wearing making this a very worthwhile investment.

Children’s Wax Jacket / Coat

Kids and puddles go together like beans on toast. We all appreciate the attitude of children when they want to play out, and the weather is dreary, they simply don’t care.

So wrap those little adventurers up in a waxed jacket, a cap and a pair of wellies, put the kettle on and be ready with the hot chocolate when they come in.

Tweed Jackets and Coats

Shooting Coats

Walker and Hawkes are renowned for the quality of the shooting jackets with great attention to detail, no pocket too small, no seam too tight.
You don’t have to go shooting to avail yourself of a tweed shooting jacket, this is a range of traditional and modern styles for every member of the family; men’s tweed coats, ladies tweed jackets, even children’s shooting coats, a great style for almost any occasion.


Who doesn’t love a man in a blazer, a well-cut blazer? One that flatters at the waist, accentuates the shoulders and skims the hips. You could be that man in the blazer.

Hats and Flat Caps

We stock a good selection of flat caps. This is such a versatile style that it is popular in lots of different fabrics.

Flat Caps

  • Tweed - a tweed flat cap is about as traditional a country look as you can find, it has a timeless style to it and an ageless quality. Despite advances in fabric technology tweed is still the countryman’s favourite material, breathable, flexible and stylish. 
  • Waxed - A waxed flat cap that is perfect for a rainy day. Tough enough for yard work, waterproof enough to take you on a shoot when the sky opens
  • Moleskin - Not real moleskin, have you ever felt a mole and felt how soft their fur is? These hats are soft, but they won’t go digging holes in your garden. Smart enough for town, practical and tough enough for the country.
  • Corduroy - What’s not to love about corduroy? Warm, soft, flexible, a great flat cap for any occasion

Baker Boy Cap

Baker boy caps are jaunty, stylish little numbers that just seem to have a little spark all of their very own. A really popular style.

Wide Brim Hats

  • Thelma, a ladies waxed hat with the most perfectly tied bow you have ever seen on a hat, it doesn’t sound conventional, but some of the best pairings don’t. This is the waxed hat that you wear when you know your fashion credentials will be tested when you want to impress someone with your quirky style sense or simply when you know a good hat when you see one. 
  • Outback Aussie, a unisex waxed hat with a wide brim. Extra reinforcement stitching makes this a robust head covering. The feather trim is a nice touch for the countryman or woman. And goes nicely with the long stockman Coat!
  • Windsor, another ladies waxed wide-brimmed hat. Just to ring in the changes, this one has a fabric rose attached to the hatband. A lovely style with understated detailing, and we know it’s all in the details. Wander the countryside or the high street in country style with the ladies wax cotton hat.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps available in either tweed or waxed cotton. Maybe you’d prefer a baseball hat with a leather peak? Choose your style and be confident that this is a nice looking cap, the peak isn’t too flat or too big, just a nice, classic, good looking hat, well cut and well made. Buy one for yourself and get the kids one while you’re at it.


Shooting Breeks / Plus Fours

  • Tweed - A traditional choice, who doesn’t wear plus fours for shooting? Very smart design, hard wearing but soft fabric and great colours. Choose your socks at the same time.
  • Moleskin - Another traditional choice. Classic, elegant design in hard wearing moleskin. 
  • Children's - let the little one join in the calling to the great outdoors. They’ll feel more a part of things when they dress the part, and we’re not talking dress up here, we’re talking about initiation to age-old customs and traditions. These are meant to be worn in the field, in the Land Rover, in the kitchen afterwards. Build memories. Don’t forget to take photos.

Classic Moleskin Trousers

A very versatile, well-cut style, hard wearing, attractive, the Hugh Grant of the trouser world, definitely one of our favourites. Available in navy, beige or olive.

Waterproof Trousers, Treggings and Chaps

Sometimes you just need to stay as clean and dry as you can, that’s when you’ll be glad you choose these. Available as waxed overtrousers or treggings/chaps

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