5 Simple Reasons to Pick a Hot Water Horse Shower

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1. Pleasant Experience

Your horse will never have to experience a cold bath again! Just think of this. All those times you cringed as your horse cringed while you were giving it a bath with cold water. Yikes! If you do not like taking cold baths or showers, just think about what your horse thinks. A portable hot shower allows you to give your horse a long luxurious cleaning all year long. 

2. Keeping Warm

Along those lines, using a hot horse shower will keep your horse warm when the weather is cold, reducing the possibility of your equine becoming chilled. No more giving your horse a bath with cool or cold water, drying it off with towels or even using a hair dryer, then putting on wool coolers until they are dry. What an uncomfortable experience for your horse to endure.

3. Portability & Mobility

With a portable horse shower, you can bring it with you just about anywhere, especially when you do not have access to warm or hot water. These showers are durable and safe to use, providing you and your horse with an endless supply of warm/hot water in the barn, at a show site, while camping – just about anywhere. 

4. Relaxes Sore Muscles

Using a shower will definitely relax your horse’s sore muscles. Just think how grateful they will feel after a rigorous workout, a long day on the trail or the hunt field, or after a day of showing. There is nothing like a warm shower to loosen muscles and relax the body.

5. A Horse That is Sparkling Clean

And, you can keep your horse sparkling clean every single day and not just for horse shows! Dust, dirt, mud, manure, and sweat are all things of the past now that a daily shower with warm water is part of your regular routine.  Many hot horse showers are easy to hook up. Typically all you need is a garden hose to connect to a water supply and a power source. Hot horse showers run off of electricity, battery power, or gas such as propane. 

Horse owners who have purchased these showers are quite glad that they have added this product to their grooming toolkit and wished that they had done it sooner. Clean happy horse equals happy rider, happy owner!


The ability to have a continuous stream of hot water outside all year round is not to be underestimated, no matter what the weather we all have to get out there, and exercise our horses.

Many of you will know that leaving a horse sweated up after exercise is in fact incredibly dangerous for their health, but now we’re proud to introduce an outstanding range of lightweight and portable gas powered showers that you can utilize on even the coldest of days.

And guess what, because you’re using hot water, all you need to do is make sure that you throw a cooler over your horse as soon as you’re done giving them a horse wash - and they’ll dry off in no time, staying happy, healthy, and ready for their haynet!

Not only can this incredible gadget be used as a hot horse shower, but for ponies, donkey, and even the pesky dogs that always end up covered in mud can get in on this dog shower action too.

Ideal for yards without power, or for areas that are inconveniently far away from the nearest power sockets, our range of showers from Eccotemp are mobile thanks to the Fyna Lite trolleys, and can be taken with you anywhere in the great outdoors and help to keep it clean, even in the dead of winter.

Having hot water on the go isn’t just good for washing down your horses post exercise, but for washing off legs of retired oldies, or youngsters that have yet to start their ridden careers.

Mud fever is a serious health concern that all equestrian owners have to deal with in some way during the winter months, specifically during camp weather, and leaving your horses with mud on their feet is just asking for bacteria to cause the painful condition to attack.

You can never be too careful, so if possible we’d suggest booting up and washing legs regularly! And heck, I’ve even found an amazing use for this shower, and it’s called - warmed colic-free water!

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m outside in the winter doing the horses, the last thing that I want is a glass of cold water with ice cubes! So, why should I give that to my horses? Not to mention drinking icy water can cause colic which can be deadly.

Instead of risking the health of your big four-legged friends, why not switch on the hot water and warm up everyone's water to a tepid temperature, this is also a great way to encourage hydration in the winter months!

Back to what this is designed for though! The mobile shower (Eccotemp L5) unit is safe, durable and no fuss, you can now finally have a hot horse shower wherever and whenever you want, whether it’s over at your winter grazing, or at a horse show!

Powered by bottled propane gas, that’s how these little beauties are able to work without the need for a mains power connection, making these the perfect choice for so many locations.

The propane gas bottles that these showers fit are universal and can be purchased throughout Europe, so no need to worry about showing in mainland Europe and running out - this is your regular motorhome gas canister!

Practical and with inbuilt safety features, now there is no excuse not to shower your four-legged companions, even on the snowiest of winter days.

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