Horse Shower Reviews

Eccotemp L5 Outdoor Gas Shower

  • WEIGHT 6.6kg (excl gas tank - not included)
  • PORTABLE Yes when used with a trolley!
  • WARRANTY One year
  • WHY WE RECOMMEND Quick and easy installation!


The L5 outdoor gas shower from Eccotemp is one of the most efficient showers out there, with the highest energy rating of A!

This portable and lightweight unit is the ideal horse wash for the competitive horse rider, roll into the horsebox or trailer and secure with bungee cords while in transit.

One thing to remember is that the shower doesn’t come with a trolley or gas canister, so you’ll need to consider that to avoid disappointment on the day of arrival.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Highly efficient
  • Hose adaptors included
  • Gas powered
  • Does not require mains connectivity


  • Not suitable for indoor use without adaptation
  • Does not come with a trolley
  • Does not come with a gas canister

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