How to Groom a Horse - The Essentials Explained

How to Groom a Horse - The Essentials Explained

Horses require grooming on a daily basis to keep their coat healthy, shiny, and free of dirt and mud.

Horses require grooming on a daily basis to keep their coat healthy, shiny, and free of dirt and mud. To achieve this, you will need the following items found in a basic grooming kit:

  • Currycomb.
  • Hard or mud brush.
  • Soft brush to get that ultimate shine.
  • Hoof pick.
  • Mane and tail comb and brush.
  • Scissors.
  • Soft clean towel.

A currycomb is used in a circular motion on the horse’s body, belly, neck, and rump to bring dust, dirt, and mud to the surface. Use the hard or mud brush to brush off the dirt from the horse’s coat. Next, use the hard brush (not the currycomb) to clean off the horse’s legs from top to bottom, including the fetlocks where dirt tends to settle.

The hoof pick is used to clean out the horse’s hooves and should be done before and after the horse is ridden, turned out, or taken from its stall.

Use a mane and tail comb or brush to make each smooth and silky.

Use a pair of scissors to trim the bottom of the horse’s tail, mane, and whiskers. Scissors are also used to trim the fetlocks.

The final step in grooming a horse is to take a clean towel and run it over its entire body, including its face. This will make the coat’s shine come through.

If you find that your horse’s mane and tail are stiff and/or has many tangles, use a conditioner created specifically for use on a horse. Work the conditioner in the hair, first with your hands, and then with a brush. Doing this a few times a week will keep both silky, shiny, and tangle free.

On occasion, you may need to give your horse a shower. Use warm water both to wet and rinse your horse’s coat as well as when mixing with shampoo. Shampoo for horses works the best as the shampoo’s formula is designed to work with your horse’s coat, mane, and tail – a different texture than that of a human’s. It also reduces the possibility of your horse getting a reaction to shampoo for use on humans only. 

Daily grooming your horse with the occasional bath will keep its coat looking its best. All the items mentioned above can be purchased separately or in a grooming kit. We sell a wide range of high quality grooming supplies to meet you and your horse’s needs.

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