4 Tips for Gentlemen Planning an Overnight Business Trip

4 Tips for Gentlemen Planning an Overnight Business Trip

We all would like our business trips to be as stress-free as possible. However, we all know that it is rarely the case.

Planning a business trip

We all would like our business trips to be as stress-free as possible. However, we all know that it is rarely the case. From crowded airports to always forgotten toothbrushes - it all brings inconvenience, which then inevitably builds up to stress. When getting ready for an overnight trip, our go-to rule of thumb is ‘’Fail to Plan? Plan to fail.’’ In this case, we are not talking about the outcomes you wish to achieve from your business trip. We are talking about preparing in advance - even if it is a getaway just for a couple of days.

1. Tick it Down

For some this is a no-brainer, some are more on the ‘’I am going to wing it’’ side of tracks. We, however, believe that making the checklist before packing is crucial. When doing the checklist, think of just the most essential things you might need. This saves you time, your nerve cells (as you are preparing in advance and not just throwing stuff in your bag chaotically couple hours before departure) and most importantly it let’s you critically determine the most essential items, which in the end saves the space in your carry-on. 

2. The Right Bag is Worth Half a Trip

Let’s face it, for an overnight trip having a suitcase is a huge burden - even if it is a small carry-on. We all know the struggle when trying to fit the suitcase in the luggage compartment and a hassle to carry it around. A men’s leather holdall - classy, polished and spacious solution that will not only fit your whole life in itself for a couple of days, but also will make you look like you just stepped down from the cover of GQ. Not to mention the more trips you’ll have the better your weekender will look because leather is like a wine - only get’s better with time. The first step of travelling with style is travelling with comfort, and a right bag will definitely be comfortable.

3. Taking Care of Your Business at Home is What Gave You an Opportunity to Travel!

Yes, that business trip you are looking forward to is probably the only thing you might have on your mind lately, but do not overlook your day to day tasks which have probably led you to the opportunity to have this amazing business trip in the first place. Make sure to set your automatic ‘’out of office’’ email response in a way that if there is an urgent matter your clients and business partners could get back to you personally. Always think one step ahead! 

4. And Most Importantly… Take Your Time to Enjoy the Trip!

Even if your stay is purely work-related, make some time in your schedule to create some memories and to get to know the place you are going to. Check the most renowned places you would like to visit - from the best restaurants to the most beautiful parks, research everything prior your departure - as this will allow you to plan your time and activities more cautiously!

Travel holdall
Having all of these foolproof tips in mind, you are more than set to have a perfect business trip. While the vast majority of secrets we shared depend on your self-management skills, with one of those handy tips Equestrian Co might actually be able to help you! Have you chosen your new weekender bag yet? No? Check out our men's leather holdalls & weekend bags collection here! We have a great choice of leather holdall bags which are made from only the best authentic leather and are a great example of exquisite craftsmanship. Variety of colours and sizes are available to match the needs of every gentleman! We truly believe that nothing combines modern fashion with timeless classics such as the bag made from the finest leather!

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