Weekend Getaway in Style: Finding The Balance Between Smart and Casual

Weekend Getaway in Style: Finding The Balance Between Smart and Casual

Look, we know that bringing a suitcase sounds like a really tempting and easy way out of the agony of packing.
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Weekend getaway

Have you’ve ever been in the situation when you left for a weekend off, packed all your stuff and then found yourself in situation where you have tons of the stuff you don’t even need, have forgotten your favourite shirt and have nothing to wear because you packed clothes which are either way too casual or a tad bit too formal and now you feel like a fool? Say no more, because we all have been here.

These are a couple of things we’ve learned along our frequent travels, so these kinds of mistakes occur no longer. 

First Thing First - No Suitcases, Please. Really… 

Look, we know that bringing a suitcase sounds like a really tempting and easy way out of the agony of packing. You can cram your entire life there in a matter of seconds without any second thought. A couple minutes in and you are ready.

Convenient? Indeed. And that’s exactly the problem - the less thought you put in your packing, the more chances to make an error with your fashion and comfort choices there are.

You might be thinking, if not a suitcase then what? Well, we have been using weekender leather bags for years now!

Holdall bag

They are first of all very practical as they are large enough to pack for the weekend but will sadly (or in this case luckily) not fit your whole wardrobe there (which for the record you won’t even need, you are going away for a weekend, not for the whole year).

Having a smaller, lighter bag will make you actually sit down and visualise your trip and think about what kind of stuff you might need there.

Second of all, a good weekender will look very polished and classy. You could even go out with one during your holiday stay and look just like David Beckham. Could you do that with a suitcase? Probably not…

And third, a fine leather bag is a great investment for the future. Like a fine wine, high-quality leather only gets better with age. Not to mention, weekender bags are very versatile.

Business trip? Check!

Weekend getaway? Check!

Trip to the gym? Check!

Going out to the city? Why not! 

Nothing feels better than that feeling of having a light bag with you in an airport. Trust us on this one.

Actual Packing. What to and What Not to Pack?

First of all, it really depends on when, where, with whom and why are you going. However, our rule of thumb for short trips is versatility and a little bit of ‘’two steps ahead’’ kind of thinking.

Nothing is more versatile than simplicity and minimalism.

Couple of button downs, one or two v-neck jumpers, several polo shirts, khakis, nice jeans, good leather belt, and clean socks is all you need in terms of clothing.

All of these items when layered and matched correctly can make both very smart and very casual yet polished looks - just throw on the right pair of footwear.

Our go-to shoes both in the day to day life and when leaving out for vacation are Oxford shoes, loafers and a simple pair of trainers. Having these three pairs in your arsenal mixed together with the right choice of clothing will make your vacation stay completely foolproof in terms of your style choices. Just don’t wear loafers with socks. Please.

Okay, How Do I Cram My Things in a Weekender Bag?

Packing for the weekend

As we probably already mentioned simplicity is the key. Once you sit down and think of what you actually might need on your overnight getaway, you’ll see that there is not much to be crammed. Pack the travel size toiletries, roll your clothes so they won't wrinkle up and take too much space. Throw things such as wallet and your phone with headphones very last, as you might reach for them pretty often. We highly recommend making a list and start thinking about your packing at-least one night prior to your leaving. Once you take the minimalistic approach to your packing, you’ll see that even have some free space left. We are all about that clutterless lifestyle!

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