Best Walker & Hawkes Coats for Shooting

With shooting season reaching its prime and weather getting cooler and cooler a stylish and practical coat for shooting is a must!

With shooting season reaching its prime and weather getting cooler and cooler a stylish and practical coat for shooting is a must!

Waxed and tweed coats were ruling the fashion of shooting for centuries now, and no wonder why. When it comes to tweed, years and years of traditions are intertwined in the seams of this timeless woollen cloth, as the tweed itself is durable and moisture resistant so it is great for a whole day spent in the beauty of countryside surroundings and hunting together with the group of your closest friends.

Waxed cotton coats are popular because of their minimalistic looks and supreme water resistance. A good quality tweed or wax cotton coat is definitely worth every single penny spent on it, as it is extremely important to stay comfortable while being active outside.

Good thing is that Walker and Hawkes definitely know how to create real masterpieces from traditional materials like cotton and wool and have a wide range of shooting coats to choose from!


1. Walker & Hawkes Men's Light Sage Tweed Shooting Country Coat

Ah, the good old tweed! Nothing looks as timeless and sophisticated as gorgeous tweed coat out on a shooting day! This coat is exactly that! Made from 60% wool, 25% polyester, 11% acrylic and from 4% of other fibres this coat is perfect for roaming around through forests and fields!


  • We all know that durability and comfort which tweed offers is immense. Even though through the years there were a lot more of new fabrics invented which are more moisture resistant and breathable, a natural tweed to a shooting enthusiast is like a lycra for a cyclist - you cannot imagine them without wearing it. This is all because through the years
  • This coat has a ton of pockets and these will always come in handy on a shooting course. There are two front pockets, two hand-warmer pockets and one inside pocket, so there will be enough space for your blanks or bullets and all the other essentials.
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from, so you can really find yourself a unique fit for your shooting adventures. You can choose from dark and light sage, brown, beige, forest green and red stripe colours. Walker & Hawkes really value personal style!


  • One of the largest minuses of tweed is that it has to be dry cleaned only. This might bring quite a hassle if you frequent the shooting courses quite often. On the bright side, however, tweed masks dirt pretty well. 

2. Walker & Hawkes Men's Waxed Cotton Country Coat

This waxed cotton coat is absolutely perfect for a rainy day at the shooting club! Made from 100% cotton this coat is waterproofed by a layer of wax. It comes in three gorgeous colours - navy blue, olive and brown.


  • This coat is very affordable. This one is the cheapest shooting coat you can get on a market! It is great for daily training and for competitive shooting. Paired with a beautiful pair of breeks it will definitely look impressive!
  • This gorgeous piece of a coat is completely waterproof. If there is quite a drizzle outside it might be a good idea to leave your classic tweed coat at home and take this coat with you! Not only it protected by a waterproof layer of wax it also has a concealable hood to add an extra layer of protection where a flat cap might be helpless!


  • Waxed fabrics require a lot of care. They can only be washed by hand and should not come in contact with a warm water or to go into a washing machine. Not to mention, you will have to take care of rewaxing from time to time. 

3. Walker & Hawkes Men's Derby Shooting / Hunting AC Wool Coat

Tailored cut and high-quality materials really do make this jacket stand out from the crowd! This coat is made from a combination of wool, polyester and a tad bit of acrylic and other fibres. This composition of materials makes this jacket windproof, waterproof and very breathable.


  • This coat doesn’t lack uniqueness for sure! The cut and detailing such as beautiful collar snap will make it look polished and smart, so with that being said, it could also be styled for the days when you are out and about in the city!
  • The fabric of this coat is truly exceptional. The thoughtful combination of natural wool and synthetic fabrics make it breathable, waterproof and windproof which is a must when it comes to active gents who fancy shooting.


  • When it comes to disadvantages, the main one would probably be the fact that this coat is more expensive than the other two on the list. 


1. Walker & Hawkes Ladies’ Pink Stripe Tweed Shooting Coat

This beautiful pink striped tweed coat won’t leave you unnoticed at your local shooting club! Beautiful dark sage colour is complemented with pink stripes and pink polyester lining inside. This coat is for real fashionistas who like to stand out!


  • There are tons of pockets for all your essentials. There are two hand-warmer pockets, two spacious front pockets and an inside pocket for your little essentials. Pockets will for sure come in handy when you are out on the shooting course! 
  • Due to the fact that this coat is made from the combination of wool, acrylic, polyester and other fibres, this coat is extremely durable. This makes this coat great for a day to day wear outside, and it is perfect whilst shooting even in harshest outside conditions.
  • The tweed is moisture resistant, so a drip here and there should not scare you! Just throw on a flat cap and you are set to succeed on your shooting day out! 


  • Even though tweed is known for how easy it conceals all the dirt, when it comes to cleaning the tweed fabric, it might become quite a nuisance. Tweed should be dry cleaned only, so with that in mind, you can plan your cleaning appointments ahead! 

2. Walker & Hawkes Ladies’ Belted Wax Jacket

This gorgeous belted coat is a stylish alternative to classic cut tweed and waxed coats. The belt will beautifully shape your figure and good old waxing technology will keep you dry warm and snug if a drizzle comes around.


  • This coat is completely waterproof, so no raincloud will bring you worries while you are out and about on a shooting course! 
  • To keep all of your necessities right by your side when on shooting course this coat comes with four beautifully situated pockets. When shooting and hunting there is no such thing as too many pockets! 
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from, from classic colours like brown, olive, beige and black to a daring red if you decide to visit your shooting club when in a rather extravagant mood! Since when having a choice was a bad idea?


  • As mentioned before, the main con of waxed materials is their maintenance. Even though it is waterproof and is dirt resistant, every once in a while this coat has to be rewaxed and cleaned very specifically. It should not under any circumstances be washed with a warm water or in the washing machine, and most often it is the best to allow the professional to take care of it. 

3. Walker & Hawkes Ladies’ Tweed Shooting Coat 

Traditional and timeless this is what this gorgeous tweed coat is. Simple patterns, highest quality and minimalistic design - this coat will for sure set a determined lady for a successful shooting day! This coat is universal, so when you are done with your day at the shooting club, you can safely wear it to run your errands around or to your yard duties!


  • The durability of this coat is exceptional. The blend of wool and polyester create a really sturdy and thick material to withstand the harshest trials of nature like dirt and rain. So if you find yourself in a situation when it’s pouring buckets, no worries, your coat will be just fine!
  • This coat, as two other ones on this list, has a rather reasonable amount of pockets. With four pockets in front and one in the inside of the soft lining, you can easily keep your spare bullets and blanks and much more! 


  • When it comes to disadvantages of this coat, there is a universal one which applies to all the tweed clothing! This coat can only be dry cleaned. With that in mind, this might become quite a hassle if you are using it day to day and it gets dirty frequently. 


1. Walker & Hawkes Children's Shooting Tweed Country Coat

For little kiddos who want to be just like their daddy or mommy, a little classic dark or light sage tweed coat will be the best present! They will feel all grown and proud while wearing this high-quality waterproof coat on a day out to a shooting club or when playing around outside with their friends.


  • This coat is waterproof - so if a sudden shower happens to come through, no worries about your child getting wet and catching a cold. 
  • There is a variety of sizes, so it will fit even the smallest 2-year-old beans to teenagers up to 14 years old. 
  • The inside is softly lined and padded, so this little tweed coat won’t ever lack snugness!


  • Knowing how cheeky and wild the little kids might it might get dirty in a heartbeat. Even though the colour of the coat is very generous when it comes to dirt not being as visible, the tweed itself should be dry cleaned only, and this might frequent your appointments to the washers, so plan that in advance! 

2. Walker & Hawkes Children's Padded Wax Coat

A good old waxed coat is an epitome of practicality, especially on a rainy day. This coat by Walker and Hawkes might be great for your kiddo if a shooting event you are going to with your family happens to be on a rainy day. Made from the best quality waxed cotton, this coat won’t let even a drip to come through.


  • There is a large variety of sizes, so you will definitely find the option both for your smallest two-year-old and for your teenager too! 
  • There are two gorgeous colours to choose from - navy blue and olive green which will both look perfect on a shooting course but can also be styled for a casual wear to school or kindergarten. 
  • Waxed cotton is the best moisture repellent! It is great not only because your kiddo will be able to calmly wander around while it rains with this coat.


  • The waxed cotton is not as breathable as tweed is, so if your kids prefer a lighter fabric, the tweed would be a better solution. 
  • Taking care of waxed cotton might be kind of complicated, especially when it’s a child who wears them. They should be hand cleaned, air dried and never come in contact with a washing machine. Waxed coats also need to be rewaxed from time to time.

With all these gorgeous coats and considerations in mind, we are sure that you will find the one for you and for your family members! Shooting is an exciting and relaxing activity which allows you to spend time in the beauty of nature and bond with your closest friends.

All the hunting and shooting aficionados know that those hazy mornings and long hours wandering around with a shotgun over your shoulder are something magical, and they would not like to have it in any other way, and a high-quality coat can only enhance the experience!

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