How to Choose a Men's Wax Jacket

Men’s wax jackets are the quintessential piece of kit in Britain for any self-respecting gent. These jackets are oh so stylish and no longer have to stay in the countryside. Wax jackets for men have many features; the most important is that they are waterproof - whether you are playing in the countryside or working in the city, we are all at risk when the heavens open up, and the rain pours down on us. Find one that is hooded and no matter the weather you can be outdoors all day. If the hood gets in your way, find one that is detachable!

Here at Equestrian Co., we have products from some wonderful companies, from the waxed clothing from Walker and Hawkes to Hunter Outdoor clothing. These companies make some of the best outdoor clothing; they know a thing or two about creating coats made to block out the elements while looking fantastic and stylish. Whether you’re looking for a men's waxed cotton jacket, or men's wax hats or even a wax jacket for women as a gift, don’t you worry about a thing, because we have it all! Oh and in case you didn’t already know, you can buy items at sale prices, yes you heard me right! Simply go online and order and you even get free delivery if you live in the UK! How good is that?! 

The Best Waxed Cotton Jacket for Men

Winter is coming! Not to worry, your trusty waxed cotton jacket has your back...literally. You will be so excited for the cold months to come so you can bundle in this cosy padded jacket and get super warm and comfortable.

One of the best features of this jacket is that while warm, is lightweight. Finally, a jacket you can pack away for your travels! Go with a black or brown colour; it will match with everything and be less likely to get dirty and stained.

The best-waxed cotton jacket (which we totally sell here!) is 100% waterproof, has many deep pockets - so you can leave your bag at home - and made of the greatest quality, to last for years and years. The inside is lined with cotton to keep you snug and the outside of wax, easy to wipe down or to apply a new coat of wax.

The Right Jacket For The Occasion

When considering a jacket, think about where you will wear your garment. Just as you would purchase a saddle for ridding, you would get a jacket appropriate for the occasion to avoid any issues. It is key to find the right outfit for outdoor sports to do your best.
Choose the wrong outfit and your day could be ruined!

In the English countryside, we all know far too well how the rain will unexpectedly pour down. Well, we can be stuck in an onslaught of rain, or we can defend ourselves with the right jacket. A long wax jacket will keep you safe from the rain - with its additional length; extra protection is provided.

Colour makes all of the difference especially for an item meant for the outdoors. Navy, green or grey are great colours to avoid stains and match with other colours but more exciting than your typical brown or black colour. Have fun and look fun! That’s what life all about right?


The Perfect Outfit - a pair of plus fours with colourful shooting socks, tough brown leather boots - a tweed jumper and your trusty waxed jacket!


The Perfect Outfit - Breeks, rain boots, a fine knit jumper and a waxed parka to protect from the wet conditions.

Horse Riding

The Perfect Outfit - Black breeches, polo shirt in your favourite colour, riding boats and short wax jacket.


The Perfect Outfit - Olive breeches, white oversized shirt, doc martens and a long wax jacket.

County Event

The Perfect Outfit - Navy trousers, tweed jumper, heeled boots and a biker jacket.

Types of Wax Jackets and Coats

Did you know that there are many types of waxed coats and jackets on offer? Some are ideally suited to farm life, and others wouldn’t look out of place on the runway.

Wax jackets and coats are sure to protect from the wet weather guaranteed in England but come in different styles; you can look good no matter what and feel at home dressing in your own style!

Below, we will discuss the different jackets, how they differ and where you can best rock these styles.


The short waxed jacket is classic, about hip-length, and your typical wax jacket. This garment is sure to protect you from the outdoors while allowing movement as its hip-length allows for more leg movement.

A short wax jacket is great for sports, as there are fewer layers to cover you up and get in your way. Spring or autumn would be the best season for this jacket as it is warm and protective but not too thick or long.

Heading to the city? This garment has such a great look you will undoubtedly impress your city slicker friends. Head to the pub with friends or even a dinner date with the lady or a weekend of shooting in the country. Everyone needs a good short wax jacket, it does well in all scenes, it is quite the social butterfly indeed!


Men’s waxed jackets are not only stylish but created for lovers of the rain. With leg straps, you will finally have a jacket that is almost as good as an umbrella, with full coverage from the pesky rain.

Perhaps it is not raining, well luckily this jacket is made for ever-changing weather and has a detachable hood. With zippers going only halfway down the coat, your legs can breathe when the weather warms up. Great for weather that goes up and down throughout the day, your jacket can offer multiple layers - finally, you won’t have to bundle up!

The long men’s waxed jacket is excellent for outdoor sports, with many pockets - both internal and external, you can easily keep items such as shooting cartridges safe and in close reach. With adjustable cuffs, heavy-duty two-way zippers and fantails, this jacket is well-functioning and reliable. With the wax material that can always be reapplied, this jacket is durable and meant to last.


Do you prefer to live life on the edge? Do you dress the way you live? Well, sir, the wax biker jacket is made for you. Biker jackets are no longer restricted to leather, oh no, not at all; this stunning style can be rocked with the wax material. You will look great and stay dry, does it get better than this?!

This style tends to have a collar, zipper, and buttons up the front for double protection, detachable hoods, and large pockets for whatever your heart desires. This jacket often has drawstrings at the waist to pursue a better fit. Great when you want to impress a lady, because let me tell you, it looks great!

This stylish piece of kit can be found anywhere from the runway, the pub, work or even the countryside. Whenever you want to go for a daring look, throw on a waxed biker jacket and heads will sure to be turned.


If you want the cosiest coat of all, find yourself a parka! The parka is a long jacket or coat and goes anywhere from just below your knee to your ankle.

This garment is made to keep you warm and dry. Great for walking the dogs, running errands or really anything else on a cool, rainy day! Some find this coat to be so cosy to choose to lounge in it all day.

A parka is not only made for snuggles and dog walks, but this fine piece of kit is also incredibly good looking and can be worn to the office or for cocktails.

With adjustable drawstrings at the waist, a hood, and deep pockets, this jacket is also extremely functional. Gone are the days where we have the work with tiny pockets!

Popular Colours

Your colour choice says something about you; it lets you get across your personality, whether you’re more of a classic style who opts for antique black or an 80’s revivalist who loves a vibrant orange.

Cold British weather can bring us down; there’s no better way than to wear a colour you love to lift your spirits.

Perhaps you have to dress a certain way for work, while your work clothes may not fully express who you are, your colours can. Whether you want to dress like the rainbow or go for a more chic and contemporary style, colour will always add to your style and be a statement of who you are.


  • Style - Brown biker wax jacket, ripped jeans, tight-fitting t-shirt, and crisp trainers. 
  • Occasion - Out on the town for the weekend. You, sir, love to dress well, but with a rugged edge. Your shirt and shoes express that you like to look good, but then you add an edge with ripped jeans and the jacket.


  • Style - Tan parka, golden corduroy pants, button up teal short sleeve and black boots.
  • Occasion - Just your average workday but followed by the pub! This outfit is for the man who loves colour and makes a statement. He looks professional for work but doesn’t look uptight when he goes for drinks.


  • Style - Long black wax jacket, black jeans and a Christmas jumper with sturdy brown boots.
  • Occasion - Walking the dog on a rainy, cool day in December. This look says cosy, great for a lazy rainy day.

Antique Brown

  • Style - Short antique brown wax jacket, trousers, dress-shirt and suede brown boots. 
  • Occasion - Just your run of the mill workday followed by a staff dinner and drinks. You're a man who likes to dress to impress!

Antique Tan

  • Style - Antique tan short wax jacket, button up long sleeve shirt, breeks, shooting socks and sturdy brown boots. 
  • Occasion - A good ol’ weekend of country sports and shooting! Your wax jacket is sure to keep out the rain, wind, and mud while rocking a traditional country look. This look alone will surely get you some winning shots!


  • Style - Olive wax biker jacket, dark blue jeans, dark purple top and black boots. 
  • Occasion - A double date! This outfit has a great fit, and the unique colour palette works well, though daring it screams confidence and style - perfect to impress the lovely lady!

Where To Buy

Buying online is easy, and buying from Equestrian Co. means that you’re getting the best price always - no waiting for a sale - we have the best price always!

Shopping online provides more options and ease. Perhaps you are craving a bomber jacket. Sure, try the charity or boutique shops but trust me, we both know it is not easy. It will likely take hours to even find an item you settle for.

Our selection of jackets are known to be made of the highest quality and are sure to turn heads. Take our biker jackets; they will always give your style an edge while keeping the harsh wind out. Our parkas will undoubtedly keep you cosy all winter but give a sharp look, transferable from the office to the bar with the lads.

Our prices are so hard to beat, you won’t have to wait for a sale. Use our search bar to customise your shopping experience and enjoy free delivery and no hassle returns if you live in the UK.

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