Where to Buy Country Clothing for Children?

Perhaps you’re a parent on a quest for the perfect wax jacket that your daughter, already an avid equestrian at her tender age, can wear on a rainy day at the barn.
Perhaps you’re a parent on a quest for the perfect wax jacket that your daughter, already an avid equestrian at her tender age, can wear on a rainy day at the stable. Or maybe you’re the fun aunt looking to spoil your nephews with the perfect boys’ tweed plus fours. Whatever the circumstance, there’s only one thing we have to say about kids showing an interest in the country life: start ‘em young!

Children’s country clothing is as fun to shop for as your own - and perhaps even more so! Our selection at Equestrian Co. includes everything from the most charming children’s tweed and wax coats from Walker & Hawkes, which are designed to protect your baby knights during outdoor playtime to gorgeous light sage plus fours for your princess to wear on her first shooting outings.

We even carry a pink stripe tweed waistcoat for the little girls in your life - what better way for any youngin’ to spend her day than at the local horse show in her finest attire?

Beautiful design intertwined with practicality is an absolute must when looking for clothing for the little ones! Waterproof tweed flat caps for kids will keep their noggins fresh and dry when autumn showers come out to play - and these toppers come in varying sizes from 48 to 54 centimetres, so you can be sure to have one that fits perfectly. And if they’re more into ball sports than ones that include guns and horses, we have two variations of the most stylish little tweed baseball cap complete with a leather peak. Instead of your little one asking for a signature, those baseball players will be asking your kid where to get such a gorgeous cap!

Tweed waistcoats for boys and girls prove to be supremely practical anywhere in the UK - our famous British weather will be no match for long, muddy playdates in lovely, waterproof tweed. When it comes to sizing, you can rest easy knowing that elasticised waists will accommodate the growing kiddos in your life, so there’s no need to retire those incredible coats the closet when your little one grows an inch or two. You might even find yourself wishing you could be so young again, just to be able to wear those stylish, precious outfits - but don’t worry, that’s just the reason that the same companies make clothes for us adults!

Shooting breeks crafted by the very best designers will outlast thousands of escapades in the mud accomplished by none other than the most beloved boys in your life - but be careful, the little princes may be mistaken for Prince George. Tweed can last a lifetime if it’s well maintained, dash it all, so these mini coats and breeks can last not only for the kids currently in your life - but for their kids too!

In case you’re worried about those little beans playing in the dirt and staining their clothes, know that cheeky children of the countryside have nothing on the best clothing for kids for these days. High-quality designers like Walker & Hawkes know all about the messes that the cute tykes in your life will get into and have preemptively coated many of their products with anti-mess Teflon! All the mom’s at the next riding lesson will be lining up to ask you where you find such genius pieces of kit.

Wondering about where to shop? There’s nothing more convenient than finding a great steal online and ordering with the click of a button, and you can do so with our expansive collection of children’s clothing. Our regular prices beat the sales prices of similar companies, so you can buy all you need without ever having to worry about being overcharged. We also ship for free to anywhere in the mainland UK, so you folks in the good old countryside don’t need to think about getting in your car and driving miles to your nearest shopping centre just to save on postage costs. Comfort, style, durability, great prices, and free delivery - what more could you need for your kids? The only thing we don’t have is the strawberry ice cream, but they might forget about it when their new package comes in the post!

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