How to Choose The Best Country Waistcoat for Women?

How to Choose The Best Country Waistcoat for Women?

Tweed clothing is a long established fashion classic, infusing the image of both style and practicality, with the versatility to suit country and city lifestyles.
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Tweed clothing is a long established fashion classic, infusing the image of both style and practicality, with the versatility to suit country and city lifestyles. The traditional tweed stems from the Scottish Highlands but has been revolutionised by the UK fashion industry, creating a veritable feast of designs for men and women. The women’s tweed waistcoat or gilet (French for vest) is now a must have in any wardrobe. The ladies country gilet or waistcoat is more than just a sleeveless jacket, it offers you the warmth of a jacket, but leaves your arms with unrestricted movement, as well as adding a certain "je ne sais quoi" to your outfit! We offer styles to suit all seasons, from the lightweight waistcoats to the padded, and hooded, bodywarmers, for those colder days. Why not top the outfit off with one of our flat caps for women. So whether you are pursuing your hobbies in the outdoors; walking, shooting, riding; or a city dweller with style, there is a tweed waistcoat to suit you.

The easiest way to buy your perfect tweed waistcoat is to go online, we recommend the Walker and Hawkes gilets and waistcoats, which you can find on the Equestrian Co. website, offering not only a great selection of styles but also colours - why not mix the traditional with a splash of pink or blue?

So how do you decide which is the right waistcoat for you and your lifestyle? Are you primarily looking for style or functionality? As with any article of clothing, it needs to enhance your body, while providing the comfort, practicality and versatility we need in our busy lives.

Traditional tweed combines a mix of earthy greens, browns and grey, but they now come with brighter shades of pinks and purple, orange and yellows, so there will be one to suit your wardrobe.

A tailored style waistcoat can be dressed up with a blouse and skirt or trousers for a meal out or in the office, but is equally suitable for walking the dog with jeans and boots.

For those with outdoor interests, functionality and suitability for your chosen pursuits needs to be considered. The thicker, padded gilets, maybe with a fur-lined hood, would be more suitable for keeping you warm and comfortable when the weather is inclement, and have the practical large pockets for keeping your hands warm.


Correct Waistcoat By Occasion

Whatever the occasion, there is a waistcoat or gilet to suit your needs.
For those smarter occasions, working in an office, or meeting with friends, the lighter weight tweed waistcoat can be combined with tailored trousers or a skirt for that stylish, country casual effect. Why not combine the traditional with a touch of panache and go for tweed with a splash of pink or purple?

Those with an outdoor lifestyle, there is a large selection of padded styles with the functional addition of pockets, and for those particularly cold, windy days how about a gilet with a fur-trimmed hood to keep the elements at bay.



As well as the generic waistcoats, there are more specialised, technical gilets specifically designed for a sport or hobby, these will have added features that you won’t find on other gilets. The Shooting gilets are specifically designed to help compliment shooting and hunting; these feature deep pockets which allows for easy access to cartridges and hand warmer pockets. The tweed fabric is treated with a fabric protector, giving protection against oil and water based stains, dust and dry soil, and has a padded lining to keep you warm.


If walking or hiking is your thing, the gilet offers a windproof, stylish alternative to the anorak, so when you stop for lunch at a hospitable establishment, you will feel comfortable in any company For the many dog lovers amongst us, the gilet is the perfect garment for exercising your best friend. While stylish, it is a practical garment, with no sleeves to inhibit our movement, throwing sticks or balls is easy. For the colder weather, a gilet with a hood keeps you even warmer, and the extra roomy pockets are ideal for keeping your hands warm, hiding the ball, keeping a few favourite treats, or storing the lead when you can let your dog run free.

Horse Riding

The gilet is an ideal addition to your equestrian wardrobe. While giving protection from the wind and rain, this sleeveless garment allows your arms the freedom of movement required to fully follow through with the movement of your horse, whether you are just hacking out, going cross country or jumping. The tapered waist creates a flattering look while allowing plenty of movement both in and out of the saddle. We ride in all weathers, so the wind and water resistance of the tweed fabric is a perfect choice, and the 2-way zipper allows for adjustment when you are in the saddle or on the ground.

Social Events

The tweed waistcoat or gilet is as versatile as it is stylish, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. For more formal events, why not wear your tailored waistcoat with a matching jacket and skirt - add a bit of flair with a cravat and broach. Going for a walk in the country? The padded gilet topped with a flat cap will keep you warm, but with style! Evening out? Your waistcoat worn with a bright, flowing skirt and high heels will look casually classy.

Garden Party

A bright, flowing skirt with either a white or matching coloured t-shirt, and your tailored tweed waistcoat over the top. If your tweed has pastel hues, contrast your skirt colour. Combine with leather flat shoes and matching handbag or clutch. Finish the look with your favourite earrings and bracelets.


For the professional look, go for either the pant or skirt suit look. Tailored, block-coloured trousers, or slim fitted skirt, with a white blouse and your tweed waistcoat. Leather, heeled footwear with a leather handbag. Accessories finish an outfit, so add subtle and stylish earrings and necklace.

Weekend Away

Smart casual suits all leisure outings. Spring/summer wear a plain blouse or t-shirt with slacks and a tweed waistcoat, combine with flat leather shoes. In the Autumn/winter, a padded gilet with polo neck, trousers and leather boots. Pack a skirt too, and top your outfit off with a tweed cap.

These women’s waistcoats can be accessorised to suit the most stylish occasions, here are just a few examples of how to jazz up your outfit with this classic item.

Pony Club

The warm, padded tweed gilet is a must! Combined with dark, solid coloured trousers and either a blouse or polo neck and tall leather boots. The gilet’s large pockets are ideal for keeping your hands warm or storing pony treats! If it’s likely to rain, add a tweed or moleskin flat cap.

Night Out

Going to a restaurant, dinner party or cinema? Brighten up your evening with a vibrant coloured skirt and blouse, or long sleeved dress, don your tailored style tweed waistcoat. Finish the look by wearing bold, chunky costume jewellery, matching bright coloured high heels, and a clutch or handbag.


So you love tank tops? Well, who doesn’t? But what is even cooler and fun is a gilet, a waistcoat, a vest, a body warmer… call it what you will, this is the item for your wardrobe when you want all the style of a fun little tank but all the function of a jacket! Looking for the country vibe?

Go for a women’s tweed gilet, (or tweed waistcoat, you see what we mean about the names?) and don’t forget the old hip flask in the pocket.

We know to some people it looks like a sleeveless jacket, but to us in the know, it’s a waistcoat! That sounds like a jacket without sleeves, but no, no, no, this little beauty has personality and form enough for her own name! Or a few names, she does answer to them all. Or maybe you want something more lightweight?

Popping down to the shops when you’re not sure how the weather will turn out, maybe in the spring when the weather is changeable, vests just come into their own. Not only adorable but practical and fun too. Of course, the padded waistcoat for women, maybe windproof and with a hood will always be a perennial favourite, as will the fur gilet.

There are some seriously good styles available here at Equestrian Co. We know you love your outdoor lifestyle, and we want to give you the clothes for the job, make you feel at ease out there, well prepared but still catering to your inner fashionista. There’s so much else to think about, so many more important things on your mind, just choose a style, maybe choose a different one for spring, summer, autumn and winter and get on with living your glorious life.

So why do we have waistcoats for women when we already have such a great selection of coats? Well, allow me to educate you. A vest is as useful as it is beautiful, it has to be comfortable, warm, stylish and has that classically cool vibe. They complete an outfit the way a jacket can’t, a jacket covers everything, keeps you lovely and toasty, a body warmer on the other hand, just keeps your body warm leaving your arms free with a fully unrestricted range of motion.

No more problems of perspiring under your heavy coat when all you need is a waistcoat. If you don’t know if you’ll be indoors or outdoors, on the school run, staying in the car or being invited round for a playdate, on a country walk or stopping to see a man about a dog in the pub, hunting, shooting or shopping, enjoy our range of women's country waistcoats.

You can bring that country vibe to your wardrobe without ever going near a field or even a mucky puddle, simple, just buy online; we’ll provide the garment, you provide the lifestyle.

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