How to Choose The Best Women's Country Coat or Jacket?

The weekend has come, as the proper English lady you are, you are off to the countryside with the girls for a getaway.
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Best country coats for women

The weekend has come, as the proper English lady you are, you are off to the countryside with the girls for a getaway. The sun is shining bright, but it is England, and you know better than to trust the warmth, knowingly you pack your outdoor jacket. You know forgetting your coat can ruin a beautiful day. Just because the sun isn’t scorching hot, doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of the glorious British countryside, and when your other friends - who have remembered to pack a jacket - suggest a nice hike to a nearby lake, why should you miss out, or freeze your butt off?

But before you start worrying that bringing your coat will be a hassle - fear not my dear lady, for a good quality, warm piece of attire doesn’t have to be bulky or even weigh a lot. Our fine coat making friends know a thing or two about crafting all kinds of jackets - from the women’s tweed jackets and women's tweed coats to women’s waxed cotton coats and leather jackets for women they focus on form and function, meaning that you’ll look great and feel comfortable too. Some of our favourites have to be the Walker and Hawkes jackets, Hunter Outdoors coats, and let’s not forget about that fine and dandy outdoor clothing maker - Beaver of Bolton!

Ladies’ Coats and Jackets

With so many jackets to choose from, it can be hard to even know where to start. And when it comes to country attire - not only do you want your gear to look good, but it absolutely has to get the job done too!

Whether you’re a Pony Club Mum, or a busy career lady living in the country - at Equestrian Co, we have a range of outerwear options to suit you. From our brightly coloured tweed coats to our classic and fitted leather jackets.

Country clothing in the UK has such a tremendous history as part of our great nation, and we find much pride in our countryside sports. No matter who you are, if you feel yourself forgetting your roots and getting caught up in the monotony that is work, just popping on a waxed cotton coat and heading into the countryside will instantly remind you that you’re part of a great big community and make you proud of your heritage.

Countryside sports are closely associated with royalty and the upper crust, but over the years it has grown in popularity, so much so that it is firmly a part of our culture. No matter your class, race or gender there is a place for everyone in the countryside, and all are welcome to indulge in their British roots and participate in sports!

Jackets For Shooting

1. About The Sport

Shooting as a sport is undoubtedly an English classic. I bet when you think of shooting in the countryside your mind drifts to an English springer spaniel next to the quail that was just caught. Hunting has been around since prehistoric times, as a means of survival; however, it became a royal sport and continues to be a trendy country sport.

2. Traditional Attire
Traditional shooting attire is the essence of country sports. A timeless look may be a large green tweed coat with a matching green tweed suit with tweed breeks, leather boots and don’t forget your flap cap or hat and tie!

3. What To Wear Now
Ladies, you can sport a fashionista look even when you shoot - combine classic English staples such as a tweed coat but add your own flair, such as hip breeches or even your favourite pair of jeans and a cosy yet fashion-forward Burberry scarf.

Jackets for Fishing

1. About The Sport

Fishing in the UK is quite the social sport, as it is the largest participant sport. It is no longer only about finding the freshest fish to eat, but about enjoying the time of your peers. Perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway.

2. Traditional Attire
The classic English lady would, of course, go for a tweed jacket and trousers to match, and always the smart woman - a pair of rain boots to avoid a shoe full of water. To fully embrace the outdoors look, add a tweed bakers boy cap.

3. What To Wear Now
One cannot go wrong with a wax waistcoat and jacket while fishing, go for some plus fours, throw on a cap with a feather and do not forget your hunter boots to avoid soggy socks!

Coats for Horse Riding

1. About The Sport

Horse riding is an essential English outdoor tradition. Riding is recreational, as well, a competitive sport. Some enjoy a spot of hacking through the countryside, and others live for the more competitive events of show jumping, polo, and dressage to name but a few.

2. Traditional Attire
Horse riding is much more than a sport; it is all about the look. At your local pony club, you might see ladies dressing to impress in traditional attire from riding boots, to breeches or jodhpurs, with either a cap or helmet (we always recommend riding in a protective helmet) and topped off with a shirt with a tie with a gorgeous jacket to finalise the outfit. The jacket may be tweed, a wax jacket or waistcoat, and provide a distinguished look.

3. What To Wear Now

Common wear could be a pair of protective riding boots, and pants or breeches, and for the top a tweed, quilted jacket, leather, waxed jacket or if it’s a hot day - opt for a waistcoat. The goal is to look the part but do so in comfort.

Coats for Walking and Hiking

1. About The Sport

When you think about the countryside you cannot help but imagine a gorgeous hike or walk through the woods. Walking and hiking are a low-impact form of exercise that allows us to connect with our natural surroundings and see what we would never see in a car.

2. Traditional Attire

A traditional lady would sport a tweed jacket, flat cap, trousers and wellington boots or walking shoes.

3. What To Wear Now

Throw on a quilted jacket, leggings and a pair of hiking boots - or your nice worn-in doc martens, and you will be ready for a brisk hike.

We have a range of materials and fits to suit all types of shapes, sizes and budgets! So whether you’re looking for wool, waterproof, leather, tweed or wax, we have a coat or jacket to suit your needs. We have found that as long as we do our bit with the materials, the design and the craftsmanship, you are the person who will really bring the jacket to life. Maybe by adding a colourful scarf or a well-cut pair of jeans, let’s enjoy our partnership, we’ve done our bit, now choose your style because the rest is up to you.


At Equestrian Co, we pride ourselves on having the very finest range of Women’s Coats & Jackets, Gilets & Waistcoats and Accessories. Our collection of women's waterproof coats, wax jackets and shooting jackets let you stay stylish and warm, and are versatile enough to easily take you from stable chores at the yard to a cosy country pub lunch.

Whether you need a lightweight spring jacket for those gentle daffodil sighting excursions or the greatest protection from a frigid winter, your needs are sure to be met. Our Walker and Hawkes and Hunter Outdoor jackets for women are loaded with stylish and functional features, and they're insanely durable. Fall down a hill? No problem, brush it off. Take a tumble? No problem, brush it off. Of course, if you’re likely to be falling in really testing conditions or just fancy a mud bath, go for one of our fully washable designs and then you can throw it in the wash. We do not mean to imply that our ladies fall down a lot of course! But when you buy a jacket, you want to know that it can cope with what life throws at it.

Women today are living lives that are exciting, fun and full! With more jobs and activities than ever before, they want to look and feel great as they live their fun and adventurous life, and they want to look good while they do it.

Our passion is to inspire your very style, with flattering pieces, made from the best quality materials. We work hard to present the best selection of jackets around, no matter what your preference, we go above and beyond to provide you with what your heart desires. Looking for style and performance?

Get the best of both worlds. We have women’s winter coats that are sublime, long coats, short coats, windproof and waterproof, from petite to plus size. And perhaps you have a favourite colour? Black, white, olive, green, navy or red, we are constantly striving to bring you exactly what you are looking for.

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