How to Choose The Best Women's Tweed Coat?

A women's tweed coat is so much more than something that just keeps you warm; this is a statement piece, a way for ladies’ to show their unique style, and their patriotism towards the UK.

A women's tweed coat is so much more than something that just keeps you warm; this is a statement piece, a way for ladies’ to show their unique style, and their patriotism towards the UK.

The advent of tweed was long ago, but I think that it really says something about British craftsmanship that even in this day and age - tweed is firmly in fashion. Tweed coats for women used to come in the more muted colours and tones such as brown, sage, beige, navy and grey. But now, as we’re all becoming more daring, and unafraid of our fashion choices - we’re seeing an influx of bright, lavish, and happy colours such as red, pink, and even purple taking centre stage on both the catwalks and at the local pony club! Meaning that no matter the occasion, if you choose to don this essential piece of British country attire, you’re going to look incredible.

Many a lady mistakenly assume that as tweed is made of wool, it can only be worn in the cold winter months but alas - thanks to different weights of material used to make this wardrobe staple; it can very comfortably be worn through spring, summer, and autumn too! If you're looking to buy a women's tweed coat online, why not consider a tweed waistcoat for women as well? It will provide extra warmth and style. Match it with one of our women's tweed blazers and flat caps for the perfect country outfit. 

Choosing the Best Ladies’ Tweed Coat

If you’ve yet to foray into the world of tweed, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that the manufacturing process and fabric used create naturally waterproof and windproof ladies’ coats that lend themselves perfectly to country pursuits such as walking, shooting, riding, or even just taking the horses in from the field!

Not to mention, the fabric of a quality tweed shooting coat will work to repel moisture, stains, and dirt making it the ideal piece of attire for busy countryside dwelling Mums who want to look their best without the risk of being covered in dog hair or kids crumbs before they even step out of their front door.

When it comes to choosing the best tweed coat for you, there are a few areas that you want to focus on to make sure that you’re getting value for your money.

And by value for money, I don’t just mean a coat that will stand the test of time, with touch stitching, high-quality fabric, and durable zippers - oh no, a garment that is good value is so much more than that.

I mean, come on - we could all spend £50 on a gorgeous pair of boots, but if they hurt your feet, or they don’t go with anything else that you own… that’s £50 right down the drain.

Whereas on the other hand, you could invest £100 into a tweed coat that you wear all the time, that goes with everything, and that you pretty much only ever want to take off at bedtime because it’s just so gosh darn comfortable. That ladies is my definition of good value!


When looking for a tweed coat, many potential buyers assume that going for 100% wool is always the way to go - but alas, choosing a mix of fabrics can add much-needed stretch and breathability that will make for a far more comfortable wearing experience!


Choose a style that makes you feel good, the whole point of a tweed coat is that you can wear it on any occasion - so before you add on to your shopping cart think about whether you’d be comfortable throwing this on over jeans, or a dress, and everything in between.


Tweed used to come in a few subtle colours, but nowadays - it’s possible to find tweed in the brightest of hues! While it may be tempting to opt for a neon pink coat - consider a coat with pink detailing or a pink fabric lining so that it can still work with any outfit!


With the rise in popularity of shooting among women based in the UK, we know that many of you are after more than just something to keep yourselves warm.

You active and rugged ladies are in search of a sturdy piece of kit that not only looks great but that does a job and is practical too! Well, rejoice you fancy womenfolk, because the majority of our tweed coats are designed with these active country pursuits in mind.

Walker and Hawkes, the makers of our coats, have designed their pockets to have sturdy clasps which are ideal for shooting cartridges. But our coats aren’t lacking in storage space, in fact - you could comfortably carry a picnic for your entire family along with your hunting gear in the pockets alone…. We’re exaggerating just a smidgen, but you know what I mean!

Water Resistant

You don’t want to get caught out in the rain - which we all know is very likely here in Britain! - and have the downpour drench you through to your skin. Not only will that ruin your day, but you might even get a cold as a fun little memento for your ordeal too!

With the natural water resistance of tweed, you can still have fun in the outdoors even when the heavens open and try to convince you to head indoors to a nice cup of tea and some biscuits. Nice try mother nature, but we’re tough enough to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining!

Cosy As Can Be

Many of our tweed pieces are made from a combination of wool, polyester, acrylic, and other fibres to allow for a cosy, warm, yet breathable outfit that won’t leave you feeling like a hot dog that has been wrapped in a piece of cling film. Or a person taking the London underground on a hot summer day!

Must-Have Features for a Ladies’ Shooting Coat

Are you looking to buy a women’s tweed coats to add to your collection? Good choice my dear lady, because there’s nothing quite so practical nor stylish as a tweed coat for women is there?! Well, tweed waistcoats also look fabulous - but they're not quite so practical are they now.

So, before you start looking through the latest pieces we have for sale, I want to point out some of the most important considerations of a good quality tweed coat for women!

Practical Storage

Most tweed coats for women come with storage pockets galore, and if you, like me, hate carrying around a handbag - this could be the perfect solution for you!

Looks Great

This fabric never goes out of style; I don’t know what it is about tweed that always seems to work, from the traditional tweed waistcoats to the tweed flat cap - I think that this will stay in style for hundreds of years!

Goes With Everything

Denim goes with almost everything, but tweed goes with absolutely everything. Don’t believe us? Throw your new coat on over jeans, a skirt, or heck - even shorts… you’ll see what we mean!

Waterproof and Stain Resistant

This magical fabric was first commercially sold way back in the 1800’s, and since then farmers wives and self-made lady bosses have praised the stain resistant qualities, meaning that these power ladies can spend more time on the important stuff - and not laundry!

Stands The Test of Time

Ask your Mum, or your Grandma if they still have their old tweed coat and you may be surprised to see them pulling a coat out of the back of their wardrobe that looks almost as good as new!

If you take care of your coat, you might even choose to pass it down to your daughter one day!

Styling Your Tweed Coat

Depending on the occasion, and what type of style you have - you might want to jazz up your outfit to fit the day. From walking the dog to attending a tea party, tweed outfits are classic and timeless - they’ll always look great!

Having worked with some of the best tweed companies such as Walker and Hawkes - we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to wear it! So allow us to impart our knowledge onto you!


  • Occasion: Drinks at a cocktail lounge with work friends.
  • Outfit: Little black dress with black tights, add a brightly coloured tweed coat, or tweed waistcoat with the collar turned up.

Pony Club Mum

  • Occasion: Pony club weekend shows while camping in the horsebox.
  • Outfit: Faded jeans, white or sky blue blouse, statement necklace (or scarf) and light coloured tweed coat and tweed flat cap.

Understated Style

  • Occasion: Weekend drinks with friends.
  • Outfit: Wide leg trousers, white tank top, and a long ladies tweed coat - style with a faded leather messenger bag!

Country Casual

  • Occasion: Walking the dogs.
  • Outfit: Jodhpurs or leggings with knee length leather boots, a cricket jumper and sage tweed coat, add a baker's boy hat to avoid having to style your hair!


  • Occasion: Just your run of the mill workday!
  • Outfit: Wear some breeks, plus fours, or light coloured trousers. Add a pair of loafers, shooting socks pulled up high, a white blouse, tweed coat, and a bolero tie! Don’t forget to finish the look with a hair ribbon!

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