The Definitive Guide to Leather Messenger Bags for Women

The UK is a hotspot for all types of fashion, and keeping up with each of the latest trends can be quite exhausting.
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The UK is a hotspot for all types of fashion, and keeping up with each of the latest trends can be quite exhausting. Nowadays, the selections are endless: briefcases for ladies, leather satchels, attaché cases, and women’s leather messenger bags. How do you know what to buy? One style doesn’t suit all, and some ladies may prefer a genuine leather which gives off a Kate Middleton aesthetic, whereas - others with a more daring sense of style might channel their inner 80’s Madonna.

With so many styles, whims, and fancies - choosing the perfect bag can be tiresome if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, and what type of style category you fall under. When it comes to choosing a briefcase or a women’s leather messenger bag, there are a few more things to consider besides brown or black.

How to Choose the Best Leather Briefcase

How do you decide on the right bag for you? It depends of course, on the occasion. Let’s run through a few different scenarios and recommend which bag we think is the best fit for the job.
  • Work Bag: Something both functional and professional.
  • Formal Event: Nothing says class like black leather. Whether it’s embossed or a plain leather bag - it’s a timeless classic to complete the chic look you are going for.
  • Casual Day: Think comfortable yet practical- perfect for running to the coffee shop or meeting friends at the cinema.
  • Business Meeting: You’ll want a piece that makes a statement, so why not invest in your career by investing in a staple piece like a leather bag?!
  • Travelling: Different compartments are ideal to store all your travel necessities. Look for a bag that will slide easily under the seat in front of you and leave you with enough room to stretch your legs.
  • Out in the Country: Pockets! Something contemporary yet stylish, and enough storage
  • to hold whatever you may need while you’re out and about.

Choosing a Colour

Black: A black leather handbag is something every woman should own. Whether it has the aged vintage look or it has a gloss to make it look more contemporary, this is one accessory you shouldn’t go without.

A modern twist on the black leather bag would be to find one that’s embossed. A quirky pattern or distinct trimmings can truly make your piece one of a kind, giving you a more elegant look.

Brown: There may be no other piece as ageless as a brown leather bag. If you’re more casual, you can go for a rugged brown with the worn-in look. This piece will look so well loved you’ll feel like you’ve had it your whole life.

Going for a glazed finish is another option. Instead of the deep dark brown colour, it has a slightly amber hue. The greatest quality is the shine that comes off the bag. You’ll be sure to impress a date with this piece.

How to Style It

Having our own unique style is important - while learning to embrace that is even more so. Much of our confidence comes from how we feel; looking and feeling good both inside and out contribute to that.

The best part of owning a leather bag is the assurance it gives us. Having this staple piece can give us the confidence to walk with our heads a little higher.

Whether you want to wear a cute dress or go for comfort in leggings and a hoodie, the leather satchel makes a statement.

No matter what your style is, there’s certainly a bag for you. Here we have some ideas for how you can make this fit your style if you are a...


What Is a Fashionista? You are a devoted follower of fashion, and you are always up to date on the latest styles and trends. You can easily dress for a casual get together with a friend or go a bit fancier for a dinner date. There are many classic looks in your wardrobe, but you’re also not afraid to try something new.

Outfit Idea – Your perfect outfit would be black leggings, chunky leather boots, and a white shirt. Just grab your trusty brown leather briefcase (that, of course, matches your boots!) to finish this outfit perfectly!


What Is a Hipster? Don’t be fooled by the title, as hipsters also have an image to uphold. This subculture dares to be different in style: being trendy by not being trendy. Self-proclaimed rejecters of anything too popular, the hipster is always willing to go the extra mile for a unique look.

Outfit Idea - Black skinny jeans paired with a baggy tee and black combat boots. Tie an oversized V-neck jumper around your waist and add a long necklace and studded earrings. Drape your olive coloured sling bag over one shoulder for a pop of colour, and off you go!

Country Lady

What Is a Country Lady? A country lady always looks her best. Country in roots with a contemporary twist: country ladies love different fabrics and textures of different pieces. Usually, you’re outdoors, so you need lots of layers to prepare for whatever weather you may encounter.

Outfit Idea - Try classic blue denim jeans with your favourite pair of knee-high riding boots. Put on your most comfortable flannel- a plaid button-up, tucked in and accentuated with a large leather belt. Grab your hat to highlight the look even further. Throw your brown leather messenger bag across your shoulders, and you’re ready to ride.

Casual Chic

What Is a Casual Chic? Casual and feminine, sexy yet cute, relaxed but ultra-classy. It’s the ultimate goal: how to look so well put together, without actually looking like you took too much time to do so. This may be the holy grail of styles.

Outfit Idea - We recommend a pair of soft, light denim jeans. Pair them with a large grey wool jumper. Add a scarf, deep purple or dark blue to achieve that calming look. Throw on your favourite pair of flats or white sneakers. The last thing is your black leather satchel. Remove the shoulder strap and carry by hand to achieve the ultimate casual chic chick.

Handy For...

The typical woman will secretly admit to carrying her life in her handbag. Having a trusty bag that fits any and every occasion always comes in handy.

The right bag can help to make your day run smoothly, while the wrong bag can have you on your hands and knees, ferociously gathering its spilt contents.

The right kind of bag not only adds to your look but your day too. Especially for someone always on the go, you can easily carry around your laptop and always be ready for the next opportunity, work or social, whatever it may be!

Always be prepared for:

  • Impromptu Trips
    If you’re going to a random lunch with friends or an overnight stay in the city, a messenger bag would be the perfect fit. With a large section to store the bulk of your belongings, it’s also convenient with multiple compartments to easily reach your wallet. The long shoulder strap is adjustable for your convenience.
  • Work Meetings
    A sturdy briefcase would definitely be your best bet. In addition to the files and paperwork you will need to carry, the main compartment could easily fit a thinner laptop under 16 inches. Other sections allow easy access for business cards, pens, and anything else vital for your meeting.
  • Picnics at the Park
    A large satchel or sling bag would be ideal for a nice day out. Both durable and water resistant, these bags make for convenient carrying. They are large enough to hold your book and a small blanket, so you’ll be able to picnic anywhere and everywhere.

Messenger Bag vs Briefcase

When we hear the word briefcase, we typically think of an office worker. On the other hand, a messenger bag would often remind us of a messenger delivering parcels on a bicycle.

While neither image is particularly inaccurate, there are other details to consider when classifying these items.

A briefcase, for example, is typically firmer. A typical user is generally walking a short distance, for example from his office to the courthouse.

A messenger bag is typically more malleable, making it more convenient to carry odd-shaped packages. It’s also designed so the messenger can manoeuvre swiftly without distraction.

Messenger Bag

The greatest quality of a messenger bag is the large shoulder strap that allows the carrier to remain focused on the task at hand.


  • Large adjustable strap
  • Flexible body allows various options for storage
  • Multiple compartments ensure your contents are easily organised
  • Hands-free, so you are able to concentrate on other tasks such as steering your bicycle
  • Can be carried on either side, allowing you to quickly and easily modify the weight distribution of your bag from one shoulder to the other


  • Too much weight in the back has been known to cause shoulder pain, so they aren’t acceptable for travelling long distances
  • Inside pockets may not be that easy to access


The briefcase is typically used by a serious professional. The stiff exterior protects whichever contents may be inside. This means your files and folders won’t bend with any movement.


  • Solid outer shell keeps important documents safe
  • Traditional rectangle shape allows for efficient use and organisation
  • Stylish yet practical
  • Easy to carry
  • The classic look gives the user a more serious and sophisticated appearance


  • Briefcases tend to be a bit more rigid
  • Limited options for carrying- traditionally there is only a single handle, and it may or may not come with shoulder strap.

Briefcase vs Attache Case

Nowadays, the words briefcase and attaché case are used almost interchangeably. There are, however, a few small details that will help you differentiate between the two.

When you hear the words attaché case, think James Bond. A rectangular case with a sleek look. Smooth edges with a hard outer shell, the attaché case is the traditional carry-all for solicitors and businessmen alike.

While the briefcase also has these same qualities, one small difference is the hinged frame on the attaché case. It folds open, so should be placed on a flat surface to avoid spilling contents.

Attache Case

The attaché case is typically thin, flat, and slender. Its original use was intended to carry papers and documents, but modern attaché cases can also carry slim laptops.


  • A hard outer shell protects contents from wrinkling, crumpling or becoming damaged
  • Two large compartments help for efficient storage
  • The simple structure allows the user to find documents easily


  • Typically too small to carry a larger-sized laptop
  • Take care when opening an attaché case- two large compartments are hinged together and require the entire case being opened
  • Hard outer shell means they are heavier
  • Single handle means only one option for carrying


While the briefcase has a lot of the same qualities as the attaché case, it is slightly larger and more suitable for business travellers. They could also be considered more practical, as they have other pockets and more options for storage. Briefcases have the traditional middle handle, and some also provide an option for a shoulder strap.


  • Larger
  • Not as heavy
  • More modern look
  • Allows more storage for contents
  • Multiple pockets allow the user to separate belongings
  • Easy to carry


  • Bulkier and not as sleek
  • Less rigid shape provides less protection for documents

Where to Buy Women's Leather Briefcase in the UK?

We like to make shopping easy and enjoyable for our customers, so, of course, you can easily purchase any of our in-stock items from the comfort of your own home!

The full range of our available items can be bought directly from us, as we will have the best price guaranteed.

Whether you want to buy a brown messenger bag or a black briefcase, it’s as easy can be. Simply pick an item that’s in stock - place your order online… and wait patiently for its arrival! With any of our quality leather goods, you’re certainly going to make an impression.


From the classroom to the office, from the country to the city, from the worker to the stay at home, all women have something in common; they like to carry stuff! Satisfy your most primitive instinct and load up one of these charming messenger bags for women. There is just something about bags for women, a certain "Je-ne-sai-quoi" that can make even the most mundane trip a journey of endless possibilities. We stock a fine selection for all of your needs! With ladies briefcases for the young businesswoman, laptop totes for the digital nomad, and shoulder bags for the busy professional. There are few things that you will buy that will get more use than a bag - you carry it with you, you use it through the day, you store things in it overnight. It is a status symbol, a comforter, proof of your success and proof that you have to work hard for it. Naturally, an item so important is going to be an important purchase, you probably already have a good idea as to what kind of bag you prefer but have you really looked at the styles that are available? Soft-bodied, hard bodied. Do you prefer to hold your bag in your hand or over your shoulder? What kind of fastening do you prefer? We invite you to explore the options we have available.

Luxury & Designer Leather Briefcases

We’ve already separated the wheat from the chaff; we stock only the finest, something we’d be proud to own ourselves. We value fine materials, talented craftsmanship, innovative but also classical design. If you’ve always longed to own women’s leather briefcase, go for it. We know it’s not floral, we know it’s a bag with a job, but every time you open that fine buttery soft leather, smell that wonderful aroma of a quality hide, we know you’ll be glad you did, inspiring you to do your best work, day in and day out.

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