How to Choose The Best Women's Tweed Waistcoat?

The quintessential look of Britain, a good quality ladies' tweed waistcoat is a must. The women's tweed gilet as well as being small enough to not overpower an outfit, goes with absolutely anything, you could pair it with a simple dress, throw on with a pair of jeans, or even wear with shorts on the odd English summers day! 

The quintessential look of Britain, a good quality ladies' tweed waistcoat is a must. The women's tweed gilet as well as being small enough to not overpower an outfit, goes with absolutely anything, you could pair it with a simple dress, throw on with a pair of jeans, or even wear with shorts on the odd English summers day! If you're consider buying a ladies' tweed waistcoat or a gilet online, have a look at our range here.

Tweed, once a countryside staple worn by not only the backbone of our nation - our country farmers, but also the preferred attire of the lord of the manor on his weekend hunting forays. Nowadays, it’s a style choice equally at home in the city as it is in the countryside! Tweed is a naturally waterproof and rugged fabric made from sheep’s wool, and it’s seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks in part to the hipster movement which helped to popularise high-quality craftsmanship once again, steering the fashion industry to provide quality over quantity instead of what it was becoming - a fast fashion nightmare.

Tweed Waistcoats for Women

Clothing is not just about covering up and staying warm, it’s a way to showcase your personality, and your culture. Anthropologically speaking, countries around the world have always showed off their patriotism by wearing attire that holds a place in their history, and for Britain - that fabric undoubtedly has to be tweed! When I pop my lovely tweed gilet on, I have to admit my main thought is “Wow, this looks great - therefore I look great” I know, modest much! But as well as that, I’m reminded of times gone by, of the incredible ladies that served in the war who would wear the very same style of attire and I hope that in some way that honours their hard work!
Way back when, in the 19th and 20th century, the fabric was very much seen as the attire of learned and wealthy gentlemen who enjoyed a day of hunting. Now far from those beginnings, tweed is perhaps even more popular among the women of the world as a stylish, classic, and rugged fabric used for almost any piece of clothing that you can dream up, including jackets, waistcoats, hats, dresses, and even trousers!

Many newbies to the world of tweed can feel slightly “out-tweeded” a phrase which I have made up, and which means that they’re not sure how to get started in a subtle way - well, dear tweed newbie, I strongly suggest the gilet as your first piece of tweed!
You’ve likely seen many woollen jackets - but, did you know that clothing made from this delightfully stylish material is actually far more diverse than the traditional blazer?!

One of our favourite uses for it is the women’s tweed waistcoats. These gilets provide unparalleled comfort but also happen to be one of the most flattering additions to any ladies wardrobe!

Types of Tweed

If you’ve tried on a piece before but wasn’t sure that it was a good fit for you, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are many types to choose from! If hunter tweed doesn’t fit your style, then perhaps you’d be better suited to the rugged look of a derby tweed.
Or, perhaps you favour a more classic aesthetic, and in that case - then the margate tweed will likely fit into your wardrobe perfectly. Or, of course, for the more playful and vibrant fashion fillies - well then you’re going to want to check out the delightfully whimsical pattern of the Ashby tweed!

How to Style Waistcoats & Gilets

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of smart and casual - then our women’s tweed gilets may be just what you’ve been looking for. If you’re about to run out of the door with the kids, the chances are that by the time you’ve convinced them to get dressed, you’re already running late! So, instead of having to leave the house in your sweatshirt, throw on a pair of jeans, a white shirt and one of our tweed gilets, combined with a messy bun - you’ll have that Kate Middleton classic and carefree look!

UK Tweed Styles

There are many types of tweed, and it can be somewhat difficult to remember each and every one of them. Not only are they named after the locations which they are produced, you’ll also find some types of tweed which are named after the sheep that produce the wool specifically required to make it, and others are simply named after the style of design.
While Harris tweed is perhaps the most well known, there are countless other types of this woollen fabric, and this list grows as more and more companies utilize this incredible fabric to make their products!

Some of our favourite types include:

  1. Derby Tweed
  2. Margate Tweed
  3. Ashby Tweed

Famous Tweed Fans

Many famous faces, members of royalty, and sportsmen alike have been known to enjoy a good tweed outfit, with some of the most famous including:

Meghan Markle

The incredible feminist - not made famous for her marriage to Prince Harry, but thanks to her own impressive career and charitable work.

The lovely Meghan has been spotted wearing this quintessential British style, and with a unique and classy style - she knows how to jazz it up!

Anna Wintour

The Queen of fashion, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue often dons a matching tweed skirt suit, styled with her classic oversized sunglasses, an open-toed heel, and a statement necklace.

Cillian Murphy

We couldn’t mention tweed aficionados without tipping our virtual flat cap to Cillian Murphy’s character - Tommy Shelby - from the popular BBC TV series, Peaky Blinders.

Often seen sporting a three-piece tweed suit, with matching flat cap no less - we’re pretty sure he’s the one we should be thanking for the rise in handsome chaps wearing delightful tweed attire!

Emma Watson

Another feminist for our list. Yay! Emma Watson was, of course, made famous by appearing in one of the greatest movie franchises of all time - Harry Potter. Since then, she has gone on to star in a number of other film projects, modelled in several large campaigns, and done incredible work with the UN where she was appointed a goodwill ambassador.

Emma has a delightfully understated British sense of style, and of all of the well-known people we have mentioned in our list, she wins the award for wearing the most tweed! Spotted in dresses, cropped blazers, long tweed coats, and even hats!

Tartan Fact

Did you know that the official tweed of the royal family (Balmoral tweed) is illegal for mere commoners to wear?

That’s right! By royal decree (dated 1937) the sovereign - or rather, his money man - made clear in no uncertain terms that the Balmoral tweed which is synonymous with the royal family is not to be sold or worn by anyone who was not a member of the family. 

I must say, I’m not offended by this intriguing fact, rather - I’m quite keen to make up my own tartan that I don’t let anybody else wear!

The History of Tweed

First made in Scotland, the word tweed actually comes from tweel (the Scottish word for twill). It’s unclear as to whether this mistake was due to a scribes error, or perhaps a readers error but it’s assumed that either way, the word tweel was confused with the river tweed of Scotland.

Either way, the new name stuck, and tweed is the word used to describe this naturally waterproof fabric the world over. The hand woven thread which was made famous in Scotland was used in the 19th century to produce hard wearing yet gentlemanly attire for the British royalty to wear on trips to their Scottish estates for a spot of hunting.

When and Where to Wear Woollen Clothing

There’s a common misconception that because tweed is made of wool, it must be horribly warm, but alas - tweed comes in three distinct weights, lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight making it ideal for all seasons!

A good piece can last a lifetime, and that means that not only will the fabric hold up, but the beautiful fabric itself is so timeless that it can be handed down from generation to generation and never go out of style!

So what kind of occasions call for a tweed outfit? And more importantly, what type of tweed suits which occasion? We’ve jotted down a few ideas to help you out!

Outdoor Sporting Events

A tweed jacket paired with tall leather boots, a pair of solid colour trousers, and a patterned blouse! If the weather looks as though it might rain, consider adding a moleskin or tweed flat cap to complete the look.

To The Stables

Whether you’re going to be riding, leading the kids on their ponies, or mucking out - nothing can beat the tweed gilet! Pair with jodhpurs, long riding boots and a riding helmet - safety first!

Garden Parties or Picnics

A maxi skirt, preferably in a bright colour, or bright pattern worn with a white t-shirt or vest and a tweed blazer or waistcoat over the top. Pair with large statement jewellery and either a boho handbag or traditional picnic basket!

To Work and Meetings

Nothing can beat a tweed blazer, it says “I know what I’m doing”. Choose between a pantsuit or skirt suit, or if you’re more of a business casual kind of lady, wear with a pair of jeans and a crisp white blouse!

Cocktail Parties and Dinner Parties

Who says that you always have to wear a little black dress? I say go all out and wear a tweed dress! Wear the sleeveless variety with a polo neck underneath, or add a bright clutch if wearing the long sleeved version.

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