How Do You Choose The Best Women's Leather Backpack?

The perfect blend of style and practicality, a women’s leather backpack, or leather rucksack, is the ultimate accessory. Leather backpacks for women are timelessly stylish and perfectly adaptable, easily dressed up or down for any occasion.

The perfect blend of style and practicality, a women’s leather backpack, or leather rucksack, is the ultimate accessory. Leather backpacks for women are timelessly stylish and perfectly adaptable, easily dressed up or down for any occasion. From a work bag that enables you to tout your laptop around in comfort and style to a casual day bag or chic hand luggage option, ladies leather backpacks can perfectly complement almost any outfit and purpose. The ladies' leather backpack range consists of top designers and quality materials, including bags by Woodland Leather and Felda Firenze as well as the Classic Range Italian leather backpacks. The quality materials, coveted brands and stunning styles make this staple bag style a fashionable and versatile accessory in the life of the modern woman. 

With our stunning range of women’s leather backpacks available to buy online with fast and free delivery to the UK, finding that perfect leather rucksack is just a few clicks away. If women’s leather backpacks aren’t quite your style, leather holdalls for women make another excellent and versatile bag option, particularly for travel and overnight stays. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a particularly professional looking bag suitable for both high-level meetings and regular days in the office, consider our range of leather briefcases for women.

Choosing the Best Women’s Leather Backpack

Every women’s lifestyle and fashion style is unique, but for every woman, there is a leather backpack that suits them perfectly. With women’s leather rucksacks of every design, style and utility, there’s no shortage of choice; it’s all about finding the one that’s right for you. 

Finding the perfect leather rucksack is all about considering both how you’ll use it and how it will work with your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a leather backpack suitable for the office, you need something sturdy enough to take a laptop and your work supplies but elegant enough to accessorise with your work outfit.
Frequent travellers should think more about the size, durability and comfort of a leather backpack, will it meet hand luggage requirements, but still fit in all your travel essentials? Alternatively, if you’re looking for a casual rucksack, you want something that really celebrates your unique style and can easily carry all your daily essentials. 

When shopping for a leather backpack, the essential things to consider are what you’ll need to carry and how you’ll style it. Choose a leather backpack that meets these key criteria, and you’ll have the backpack that’s perfect for you.

What Will You Need to Carry?

The convenience and practicality of women’s leather backpacks are among of their most attractive features. The double straps make it carrying heavier items on your back easier and support your posture, while the durable material and various fastening options mean that different leather backpacks are ideal for carrying all manner of possessions.
When choosing a women’s leather backpack, identifying how you’ll use it is important in deciding on the size and features of the bag.

If you’re looking for a leather backpack, you can use for work you may want to veer towards more modern styles or one of Felda Firenze’s business or laptop leather backpacks. It’s important that you can fit work essentials like a laptop, notepads and pens into the bag but that it won’t be so bulky as to look unsophisticated. As a general rule, medium sized backpacks tread that fine line between being large enough for your work essentials and petite enough to look smart.
Choose a bag with secure zip or flap fastenings that are wide enough to easily slip a laptop in. 

When it comes to a casual backpack, it really comes down to your own individual style. However, having multiple compartments or front pockets is a bonus, giving you scope to separate all your daily bits and bobs for easy access. How much stuff you carry around on a daily basis will determine how big or small your backpack will be but for casual use, smaller leather backpacks are usually appropriate for carrying your handbag, snacks, phone, makeup and general daily necessities. 

For leather backpacks that can serve as hand luggage, it’s all about finding a bag that can accommodate all your travel essentials but is still small enough to meet the cabin bag criteria.
Airlines have varying rules in terms of the size and measurements of hand luggage but a large leather backpack will still fall within the size limits with most major airlines. Although the modern styles, with there more square and uniform shape, are often more suited for stowing under your seat or in the overhead lockers, classic leather backpack styles generally come with extra external pockets and compartments enabling you to squeeze in a few more travel bits and separate things like permitted liquids for easy access. 

Ladies leather backpacks are incredibly versatile, and many can be used for multiple purposes. However, really considering how you will use your backpack and exactly what you want to carry in it will ensure you find the bag that is perfect for your needs.

How Will You Style It?

Ladies leather backpacks are about more than just practicality;f they are about style too. While quality leather backpacks can compliment almost any outfit, to make the most out of the bags pedigree imagine exactly how you’ll wear it and find a leather backpack that matches your look.

Every woman has a unique style, and there are endless outfit opportunities for every leather backpack. However, considering a few styling options that reflect your particular clothing taste gives you the opportunity to find the leather backpack that will compliment your wardrobe. 

For fashionista’s, black leather backpacks should be the go-to option. One of fashions cardinal rules is that black goes with everything and for the woman with a wardrobe full of stylish options, the perfect backpack is one that can accessorise with every stunning outfit.

For an effortlessly chic look pair your black ladies leather backpack with black leather ankle boots, designer jeans, a flowing white long sleeve blouse and pastel pink blazer. To complete the look, add some simple gold jewellery and your best dark sunglasses.

Hipsters should head straight for the gorgeous classic leather rucksacks, available in a deep brown or light tan. With their traditional drawstring and buckle fastenings and front pockets, these leather rucksacks give the impression of a quality vintage bag that accessories perfectly with a hipster style.

Almost anything goes when it comes to hipster fashion but for a fantastic summer look a simple shirt dress combined with beaded sandals and a classic brown leather backpack look effortlessly stylish, while vintage jumpers and knitwear with stone-washed jeans, suede shoes and a classic leather rucksack in tan make a fantastic winter look. 

The durable material and practical nature of women’s leather backpacks make them a useful contribution to the lives of country ladies, while the timeless style makes them a great addition to the country lady look. Jodhpurs, long brown riding boots, a checked shirt or plain polo shirt and gilet are made to look effortlessly chic with a classic brown leather backpack.

Alternatively, incorporating tweeds and traditional country greens in your outfit works nicely with some of the more modern styles in two-tone green or blue as well as plain tan leather. 

Black leather is also ideal for the office, elegant in appearance and complimenting smart office clothing, perfect for if your work requires a suit or smart dress. The chic browns and tans in the business leather backpack range works nicely with smart-casual work outfits, ideal if you like to incorporate muted colours into a work wardrobe. Another option would be one of the modern two-tone styles where leather is paired with another fabric. Available in muted greens and blues, the effect offers a chic alternative that’s a little more individual but still work-appropriate.

Buying a Backpack Online

Buying online is an excellent way to choose and purchase a woman’s leather backpack. However, before you click “Add to Cart” it’s important that you’ve taken steps to virtually try out the bag and ensure it meets your requirements. Equally, understanding the payment process, warranty, sale conditions and how to return a product are all matters you should understand prior to making an online purchase.

Make sure you’ve checked the backpack’s measurements. If your backpack needs to be able to carry your laptop, measure the dimensions of the laptop and ensure the backpack has adequate space.

Equally, if you are intending to use the backpack for hand luggage during air travel, ensure you check the cabin bag height and width limitations. Bear in mind that different airlines have different cabin luggage requirements so checking a number of airlines to find an average or checking the airline you fly with most often is advisable. 

Before purchasing a women’s leather backpack online make sure you’ve double checked the price and know when the payment will leave your account so that you can ensure sufficient funds.

Double check your delivery address and the delivery due date and time. The latter is particularly important if you have travel plans, may not be in for delivery or need the bag by a specific date.

It is also recommended that you read through the terms for returns and product warranty prior to purchasing and keep a copy of the documents. Facilitating product returns in cases where there is a valid reason is intended to be as easy as possible for the customer, but it is important that consumers understand the process and any limitations, such as time restraints and the processing time for refunds, before making the purchase.

Thanks to the high quality of the women’s leather backpacks, the bags are expected to function and retain their quality look for some time if properly cared for. However, should a bag prove faulty, it is important that customers understand the warranty policy and what evidence may be needed. 

Above all it is worth ensuring that the woman’s leather backpack you have chosen is the bag that you really want, matching both your style and needs. Make sure that you have perused both the other leather backpacks in the collection and our other range of bags from business laptop bags to ladies leather holdalls. Your bag is a core aspect of your wardrobe and your daily life, finding the one that is right for you will give you both style and satisfaction for years to come.


We are proud to have an exquisite collection of women's backpacks, handbags made from the very finest genuine leather.

The quality of the leather is exceptional, buttery soft, strong as only top quality leather can be and all materials and trims are of the finest, hard wearing, long-lasting quality. We wouldn’t dream of placing anything less in our collection.

A good handbag is like a piece of good advice, something to be passed down from generation to generation, and the bag you choose is a little life lesson for those around you as to the kind of lady you are and the standards you set yourself.

Our bags for women have to be hardwearing because we know that you don’t want to replace your bag like a throwaway fast fashion item.

They have to be attractive and practical enough to take to work, the shops or out for the evening, your bag has to see you through the day, every day. If you want a black bag to go with your pinstripes or brown leather to go with your jeans, we have the bag for you.

A bag will become a reliable old friend; you would feel lost without it, organising it, so you have a place for everything and everything in its place. When you spend time researching online for the ultimate bag for your lifestyle, you’re committing time and energy, it’s an investment, and like any investment, you want a good return.

We aim to provide a high return on your investment. The designs we feature in our selection have been hand-picked by the team here. We spend countless hours making sure we offer only the quality of items we would be proud to own. The standard of artistry in our range is exceptional, true craftsmanship is obvious in every detail, the quality of the leather is wonderful and over time will develop a rich, burnished patina, becoming a truly unique addition to your wardrobe.

There is ample storage in these bags. We know that compartments are important to you, quality internal zippers, quick access pockets and adjustable handles, in small size or large.

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