Style Advice for Women: Waxed Cotton Headwear

Style Advice for Women: Waxed Cotton Headwear

The rain is no match for what we have in shop because ladies' waxed hats are taking storms by storm!

The rain is no match for what we have in shop because ladies' waxed hats are taking storms by storm! Give some love to your fabulous women’s tweed flat cap and buy it a waterproof partner in crime to help fight the gloomy weather - but this time try out a waxed cotton cap. The wax will keep the rain at bay, while the colourful cotton will cheer you up in winter and keep you happy during summer. Go for a sports hat if you’re an athletic queen and want to stay as fit as the Queen of Pop herself (that would be Madonna!), or go for a baker boy hat if you vibe with the fashionistas and want to emulate the catwalk divas! Although there are so many varieties of waxed cotton toppers available online and in shops across the UK, their one shared trait is that they will keep you dry, so load up!

But, you may ask, how to choose from so many designers? We are partial to Walker and Hawkes waxed cotton hats - their high-quality creations come in beige, olive, navy, black and brown and they make so many types of hats, which we’ll go through shortly. Moreover, they also carry men’s waxed cotton hats for your significant other and ladies’ waxed cotton coats to match your hat, so all your needs are met in one place - besides an England with sunshine, what could be better?

Waxed hats for women come is so many shapes and colours that it’s quite the task to choose just one, so let’s briefly introduce some of the varieties we love.

Flat Caps - There’s no place like home, and the flat cap has indeed stuck around in its country of origin for centuries now! The peak will protect your face from whatever the British weather decides to bring, so take shelter under one of these beauties.

Wide-Brim Hats - These Western classics have moved beyond suede and straw to embrace the waxed cotton! With brims at least several inches wide, these hats will keep you casually shielded from the elements.

Baseball Caps - Originally developed in the 1940s to help shield players’ eyes from the sun, these hats contain peaks (sometimes in leather!) that will shield you from the rain. We all love a good ol’ baseball cap regardless of whether we’re actually watching a game, but a waterproof one!? Now that’s got true game.

Thelma Hats - This style is a true ladies' wax cap, as Thelma caps are often decorated with flower detailing, ribbons, and bows! With brims that are wide enough to protect your nose from the rain, these toppers will meet the needs of city slickers that aren’t quite into the wide-brim country style just yet.

Remember to always invest in a brand that makes various sizes of each type of hat, so that you know your head will never be uncomfortable - red line across your forehead, anyone? No thanks! Now let’s explore the fabric, styles, and seasons so you can make a well-informed choice.

What is Waxed Cotton?

Here’s a quick lowdown: “waxed cotton” is a fancy - and short - way of saying cotton coated or infused with a paraffin or beeswax based wax. Originating in the sailing communities of England and Scotland, this waterproof fabric became super popular in the mid-1800s and remained so until the mid-1950s. However, this material is still widely embraced in the world of women’s headgear today - who but a lady knows how well a women’s waxed hat protects an expensive hairdo?

The main advantage of wearing a waxed hat is similar to that of tweed - not only does it look very attractive but the material itself repels the moisture from rain showers. No wonder us Brits love it - especially those of us that have a penchant for getting caught out in the rain!

And that’s not all: did you know that this material can also be re-waxed? If you’ve subjected your waterproof to the elements and it has performed well but could do with a refresh, rewaxing is a very simple process. This added bonus makes these hats so hard to resist. So get to work on this collection straight away, knowing how much you’ll save from not going to the hairdresser.

Figuring Out Your Style

There are so many stereotyped styles floating about in the fashion marketplace today that it might be hard to pinpoint what actually resonates with you without feeling like just another consumer on the trend assembly line. But it’s so important to do just that because walking around in a hat style that truly expresses your inner persona will light you up from the inside and inspire others to follow your lead.

If you no longer want to be a fad zombie but aren’t quite sure what type of style you have - let’s run through a few of the most snazzy looks! Whether you love the royal approach to hats or rare happy to throw on a backwards baseball cap à la Cara Delevigne, we’re sure there is a personal look suited just for you. As always, you own your unique style, so we encourage you to mix styles as you please!


Everyone knows a girl can never have too many shoes, but a fashionista knows that accessorising her head is as important as investing in footwear! She knows she never has too many hats as well. Taking her inspiration from the likes of London Fashion Week and Victoria Beckham’s IG, the fashion-forward diva’s sought-after ability to blend unusual cuts, patterns, and textures is on a whole other level. If you know this is you, a flat cap will work with every outfit - just make sure you get one in black or a bright colour. If you’re feeling more ambitious, try a navy and olive waxed cotton Thelma hat with rose detailing and pair with an orange tweed blazer for a bold, contrasting look.


This lady puts the hip in hipster with her out-of-the-way finds and retro sense of music and style. A vintage lover through and through, she feels most at east in a wardrobe from days gone by - but she’s so competent in mixing in little twists of eccentric modernity that leave others impressed with her artistic capacity! If you identify as one of these artsy ladies, try pairing a waxed cotton baker boy cap in beige with a ‘70s checkered blouse, ripped jeans, a Herringbone tweed waistcoat, and a vinyl handbag. Both muted colours and bright hues can work for you, so experiment away!

Casual Queen

She’s the girl next door who is so cool; everyone is dying to be her neighbour. She’s low maintenance and love comfort, but looks so effortlessly chic that she make the primadonnas wonder how on earth such style is possible without the fuss! If this style calls to you, throw on one of our waxed cotton baseball caps (opt for the leather peak version if you want to dress it up) and pair with sweet, fresh kicks, jeans and a colourful jumper. You can also opt for low-key hats like flat and newsboy caps, just know that a queue might start forming at your doorstep.

City Slicker

Sleek and with nary a hair out of place despite the stresses of city life, this polished go-getter turns to trench coats, heels, and fitted trousers to get the job done! You might catch glimpses of her in tweed skirt suits and an umbrella always in hand, and her watch and briefcase are never far away. If you likewise like to maximise grace and polish with your sleek sense of style and on-the-go lifestyle, try a fashionable waxed cotton flat cap with your fitted trousers and silk blouse. This is one gorgeous piece of kit that won’t be hidden behind your long coat on rainy days, so you can show it off as much as possible!

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