Equestrian Co. Shopping Advice for Ladies

Whether you’re on the lookout for a nice ladies' tweed coat, a leather weekend bag - or anything in between, we have you covered with a beautifully curated range of ladies country clothing and accessories for the country gal!
Whether you’re on the lookout for a nice ladies' tweed coat, a leather weekend bag - or anything in between, we have you covered with a beautifully curated range of ladies country clothing and accessories for the country gal!

For Your Style

Find attire to suit your unique style, if you’re a quintessential country lady who favours wax jackets and tweed flat caps on your weekend runs to Pony Club with the kids - allow us to introduce you to your two new favourite brands - Walker and Hawkes and Hunter Outdoor!

And for the more edgy chicks who would rather spend their weekend taking their classic car for a drive to the local vintage motor event - we have leather jackets and leather accessories galore from Rogue, not to mention our briefcases and messenger bags from Woodland Leather that would go perfectly with those original leather seats in your two-seater coupe!

Take Some Time For You

Do you spend enough of your free time doing what you love? If no then why ever not? Ladies, I understand - you get busy with work, the kids, or the horses and then there’s no time left over for you - but I’m going to let you on a little secret… you deserve some “me time”.

So here’s the deal, this weekend, you’re going to get a few of your ladies together, and you’re all pack your wash bags and backpacks. Head to the spa, head out for a day of shooting, heck - book a last minute trip to Paris if you want.

To be happy and productive for the long term, you have to follow your passions.

The 1 Min Accessories

Looking your best allows you to feel your best, and we entirely understand that - but we also understand that most people don’t have the time to waste on styling their outfits every day.

So let me tell you where we come in. We’ve added a bunch of accessories to our range that can be added to an outfit to jazz it up in one minute flat!
Don’t believe us, OK, allow me to demonstrate…

Country Classic

Outfit - Tweed jacket over pinstripe blouse, worn with corduroy trousers and lace-up boots.
Add - carved leather belt, wax hat, an oversized necklace and distressed leather satchel!

Fashion Forward

Outfit - Checked white shirt worn with a tweed gilet or waistcoat, and cream trousers.
Add - A men's tie, one of our leather accessories (I recommend our travel document holder used as a clutch!). If you’re a hats and caps kind of person, you can add a baker boy tweed cap!

Hipster Chick

Outfit - Black leggings, cropped tank top, and an oversized cardigan
Add - Pick up your safari hat, wear a long necklace, and throw on your shooting socks for a unique outfit that somehow really works!

Rad Rider

Outfit - Polo shirt, jodhpurs, and long boots!
Add - Who said you couldn’t go out in riding gear? Just add one of our fancy coats or jacket - I recommend either a parka or quilted jacket. Now grab your distressed holdall bag, throw on a bit of lipstick and get ready to paint the town red!

Long Lasting and Versatile

Here at Equestrian Co, we’re super picky about the products that we’ll offer - they have to not only stand the test of time but also be versatile enough to use in multiple ways. We’re proud to say that we’ve achieved that and can confidently recommend every single one of our products!

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