The Definitive Guide to Women's Leather Jackets, Coats & Parkas

women's leather jacket is there to not only keep you warm but as a classic piece that makes a statement.
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A women's leather jacket is there to not only keep you warm but as a classic piece that makes a statement. Each jacket is unique, and with so many styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that will help show off your individual style. Leather jackets for women have historically come in either black or brown, frequently associated with motorcycles, but with more daring fashion trends, we are seeing new styles and a greater colour selection. Now you can find these snazzy jackets in shades of red, blue and even pink - calling all you Pink Ladies out there!

With such variety, the leather jacket is fit for any occasion and any season; with different weights of material, you can be comfortable in winter, spring, summer and autumn! Find a lightweight jacket for late spring through summer, a heavier coat for autumn and a big warm parka coat for the midst of winter. We stock the majority of our leather jackets, coats and parkas from Woodland Leather.

The Differences Between a Leather Jacket, Coat and a Parka 

Leather Jacket

Typically hip-length, tight-fitting, and lightweight garments, this piece of kit is often dyed in black, brown, white, grey and tan but can be found in an array of colours, styles and sizes. Sizes range from children's to petite and even plus size and can be worn for pretty much any occasion - it's all about how you style it!

A biker jacket tends to be a little more edgy, with design details such as zippers, studded collars and racer style details. There are of course the more classic collarless leather jackets that are more fashion focused than biker chick, this is a great garment choice for those looking for a professional and timeless look.

The leather jacket comes in many varieties and styles and can fit into anyone's style. Maybe you prefer soft leather? Or perhaps an aviator or motorcycle jacket? Either way, we have something to work for you!

A leather jacket can be a luxury item; so why not go for a luxurious look and feel? Go for a leather quilted country jacket and impress your fellow Pony Club mums, while enjoying the luscious feel of a satin lining!

A leather jacket is a great travel companion; it is easy to pack and great for all occasions.

Go for the summer styles that are lightweight, breathable and flexible for movement.

You can be the fashionista you are while not carrying extra weight or getting too hot! Leather being the classic piece it is, you will be fashionable no matter which location you're jetting off to!

The leather jacket is not only classic and timeless but a statement piece. With a history associated with motorcycles, greasers and punk-rock, this jacket portrays a cool and confident vibe.

History has associated leather jackets with subcultures, rebellion, danger, intimidating figures, men and bad girls. Yet with each decade this piece of attire has grown in popularity and has become well and truly mainstream, with many designers carrying leather jackets, coats and parkas.
Now, the leather jacket is an iconic staple that adds a bit of edginess and luxury to everyone's wardrobe and did I mention that it can last for a lifetime?! Not too shabby!

Leather Coat

Perfect for a cold day, leather coats add extra warmth with its length and thickness.

Coming in various lengths, some reach just below your hip, others are 3/4 length, reaching your mid-thigh and a long coat will go down your legs to the ankles.

To keep warm in the winter look for a button up collar with studs or with fur, tuck a scarf under, and you'll be all set. Throw on a pair of jeans and pair your coat with a belt and you are ready to go!

For the fashionistas and luxury lovers, the woodland leather swing coat is for you! This stylish coat swings open at the bottom, giving a flowy and elegant look that will set you apart and put you ahead of the trend.

Leather Parka

Parkas tend to be long and slim fitting. Throw on a pair of leggings, and you will want to live in your parka all winter. With ample pocket space, you can leave that handbag at home. Our parka sports drawstrings, giving you full control over the fit.

Maybe one day you want to lay around in your loose parka, while the next day you may want to meet friends for drinks and go for a sexier more tight-fitting look.

Choosing the Best Ladies’ Leather Jacket or Coat

When purchasing genuine leather, you are making a wise investment. Just go to a vintage shop and look how well kept the leather from the 1950s is. Real leather ages well and may even grow in value over the years. Who knows, maybe your new leather jacket can be passed down to your daughter as a fashionable heirloom?!

Make sure when you choose your jacket or coat, you pick something that you will love, what is the good in purchasing a jacket you'll never use?! but before you start looking for our latest items on sale, I want to discuss some considerations to help you choose a jacket or coat that will add value to your life and that you will love!


When looking for a leather jacket or coat, potential buyers may think they have to opt for something thick, heavyweight and warm -- but with a mix of fabrics, one can find something breathable and lightweight or a cosy coat with soft lining to stay warm yet comfortable in the cold.


Whether you like something form-fitting or a little loose, pick something that feels good so you can wear it for any occasion and feel like the beautiful lady you are!

Before purchasing your new jacket or coat, think about whether it will go with jeans, a dress, and everything in between. Versatility is key, and we want you to get the most of your new coat.


Leather used to come in basic neutral colours such as black or brown; however, today leather comes in all shades.

While that hot-pink jacket may be calling your name, consider a jacket or coat with a tone that will go with your wardrobe! Pick something that no matter the outfit, you can always throw on that leather jacket.


Leather tends to work in all seasons and occasions and proves to be a durable fabric - perfectly practical for you active and rugged ladies. Not only will you stay warm but you will look great.

The makers of our jackets and coats have designed these coats with you active country ladies in mind - you can now leave that clumsy handbag at home and rejoice at the size of the handy-dandy pockets!

Cosy As Can Be

All of our jackets have been tried and tested, and we know that each one - no matter the style; is as cosy as can be!

I mean, come on, it's all well and good looking great - but you've got to feel great too.

With jackets of varying weights, we've worked hard to curate a collection that will keep you feeling your best no matter what the season - while still being lightweight and flexible enough to be as active as you want to be!

How To Style It



  • A night out on the town with the girls. Perfect for a fun yet chilly New Year's Eve.


  • Bright sequined dress with sleek and fitted black leather jacket. 

Business Attire


  • Lunch meeting with the boss.


  • Navy trousers, a white blouse under a woman's collarless summer leather jacket, add a pair of loafers for the perfect business casual look.



  • Pub with friends.


  • Wide-legged colourful trousers, grey swing coat with your favourite Dr Martens - style with a vintage leather handbag. 



  • A walk on a cold winter's day. 


  • Thick quilted leggings, knee-high boots, topped off with a 3/4 length brown leather parka with a belt. You will stay warm and be able to enjoy and not just survive your winter walks!


Full Length

A full-length coat will reach somewhere between halfway down the leg to the ankle. This look has a lot of variety and can be a daring punk look or dressed up as a professional look. Think of a NYC businesswoman sporting a leather trench coat in the crisp autumn season.

¾ Length

Ah, the classic parka - while the traditional parka will go mid-thigh. The 3/4 length provides additional warmth, a good option for the colder months!

Standard Length

The length of a standard jacket will be somewhere between the bottom of your stomach to the top of your hip.

Where to Buy Women's Leather Jackets?

Leather jackets, a staple item can be found at most shops and department stores; however, you want that lovely leather jacket now!

Well not to worry, with the Internet at your fingertips that jacket can be on its way to your home today. Shopping online saves you from the hassle of running from shop to shop.

You can customise your search, maybe you want a grey leather jacket or a swing jacket, now that might be a challenge at the shop, but online the task is less daunting.

Now that you have found that perfect jacket, you can continue your day and be treated to a nice surprise when that package arrives on your doorstep!

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