Portable Horse Shower Uses

Horse Washing

When you think of a horse shower, your mind will likely go straight to washing your horse - but they come in handy for a bunch of reasons!


Of course one of the most obvious uses for a hot wash is bathing your horse in the winter without having to worry about them getting a chill! One of the most significant benefits of using hot water when washing your horse on a cold day is that they will dry incredibly quickly.

Top Tip - Immediately after washing, use a sweat scraper to remove excess water - then throw on a full neck waffle cooler! If the weather is especially freezing, you can also stuff the cooler with dry straw to help remove the moisture faster, or stand them in a solarium and give them a haynet to keep them happy!

Rinsing After Exercise

We all worry about working our horses up to a sweat on icy days as they can develop a chill, but did you know that a quick rinse with warm water over the sweaty areas will result in faster drying than if you were to leave the sweat unwashed?

Washing at Shows

I have had the not so fun experience of having to go into the show ring with a dirty horse due to all of the wash racks being constantly in use. Going into the ring not feeling 100% your best can throw off your game, so having your own wash with you can be a godsend - and help you win some extra points for appearance!

Injury Rehabilitation

Tendon injuries are an unfortunate reality, you don’t have to have a Showjumper or Reining superstar to go through tendon rehab with your horse - and while hosing off the area is excellent for relieving inflammation - ice cold water can make for a very grumpy patient.

Using tepid water will not only make your possible month's long box rest far less traumatic for your horse but can aid in recovery time!

Dog Washing

Sure this might be made for horses, but this works just as well as a dog shower too! And is it just me, or is this a far better option than trying to get Fido to sit calmly in the bathtub and not jump out and ruin your nice clean carpets?!


Loading up the car for a long weekend of camping?! Well then, why not add a dash of glamping into the mix and pop the horse shower in the car. Trust me, after a long day of hiking; you’ll thank me for the recommendation!

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