Children's Tweed Flat Caps (Boys & Girls): The Ultimate How To Guide

Caps and hats, they save us all. The mums who worry about their children burning can feel good and relax as they put a Walker and Hawkes flat cap or baseball cap on their child.
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Caps and hats, they save us all. The mums who worry about their children burning can feel good and relax as they put a Walker and Hawkes flat cap or baseball cap on their child. Pick up a boys’ flat cap for your little country gent when he joins you for a day of fishing, or for the little ladies - one of our girls’ flat caps for that next country picnic! Opt for an especially country feel with a children’s tweed flat cap. Going on holiday? - grab a navy blue baseball cap for extra protection from the sun, don’t be one of the many pink Brits in Ayia Napa! Trust me, there are a lot!

What about the little ones? Don’t you worry, your little toddler will look adorable in a toddlers’ flat cap - but before you grab babies bonnet - did you know that you can also buy a baby flat cap? And with a super soft fabric, it will help your precious babes skin stay soft and unscathed. What about the parents? We certainly have not forgot you! Papa, get the men’s tweed flat cap and mama, grab yourself a tweed flat cap for women and match your kids’ hats, how cute would that be! We, of course, love tweed, as many Brit do, but if you’d rather go for a more neutral look, navy blue, olive green or brown are lovely colours and will blend in perfectly with nature. The kids excitement and screaming may, unfortunately, scare away the birds during your bird watching tour, but at least their hats won’t be suspect.

Best Tweed Flat Caps for Kids

Ah headwear, perhaps the noblest of all accessories, not only does it keep your head toasty warm, but a more regal accessory for your noggin doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. Hats are great no matter what the weather, they can protect you from the cold, or shield you from the sun and heat - something that we adults take for granted, but when it comes to our kids - we ought to know better. Finding great hats for your children isn’t as hard as you may think, the trick is first to select a hat company that works for you.
One that perfectly creates the style of hat that you’re looking for, uses the finest fabrics, and above all - for children - makes their hats the most comfortable that any hat could be. When searching for our hat suppliers, we didn’t just look at photos; we handpicked the products from our favourite companies, including several from Walker and Hawkes.
We offer a wide range of hats to suit every type of weather, whim, and personality, from the simple baseball cap - made popular in the US, and now a firm favourite on our side of the pond. With its excellent ability to shield from the bright sunshine (when we occasionally see the sun!), this hat is ideal for the family as a unisex accessory, it can easily be shared by the boys and girls and look great on everyone!
As some of the happiest countries to raise families in the world, I say we listen to those wise Scandinavians - I mean, after all, they did invent Ikea. And how could we mention which hats we stock without naming the piece de la resistance of country headgear, the flat cap?!
Previously this was seen only on farmers and country gents, but as of right now, the popularity of the flat cap has risen dramatically, with kids, and adults alike being seen sporting this incredible hat in the country and city.

Hats are great no matter what the weather, they can protect you from the cold, or shield you from the sun and heat - something that we adults take for granted, but when it comes to our kids - we ought to know better.

Tweed flat caps are a wonderful addition to our country getaways, we do not have to worry about the sun nor the cold.

A good tweed flat cap will keep the noggin warm and provide coverage from the sun. You might wonder, how to find the best tweed flat cap for your child. Well, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Occasion - Will you be using this hat to protect from the blazing sun on holiday, or is it to wear around town or for the countryside? Choose a baseball cap for the former and a tweed flat cap for the latter!
Colour - Tweed becoming all the rage, now comes in many colours, even wild pinks, and purples, however, we suggest finding a cap in a neutral or earthy colour. How many of you have been bird watching or hunting and a bright outfit scares the animal off before we can even see it? Well, our caps will never do that, we offer colours in light sage, navy blue and brown, sure to match anything in their closet!
Size - our caps come in multiple sizes for you little tykes, we have sizes in 48cm, 50cm, 52cm and 54cm.


    Keep your little country gent cosy and stylish in a head-topper like no other - with our range of countryside caps designed for country people; your little guy will have the perfect accessory for a day of building dens in the woods or fishing in the local ponds!

    Colour & Style

    Our tweed flat caps and baseball caps come in neutral colours, making it easy to match your outfit to your hat! It is already hard enough to dress your child, but we make it easy with simple colours, sure to match most of their wardrobe. Below, we have laid out the best colour for the occasion to help your child match!

    Dark Brown
    • Perfect For - Country Kid 
    • What is a Country Kid - he plays in the dirt all day, even in the city he is making mud pies at the local park and playing with the dogs. Wear shorts, a shirt, and a dark brown flat cap and he is already out the door.

    Dark Sage

    • Perfect For - Horsey Dude 
    • What is a Horsey Dude - The kid is bound to be a horse trainer, he goes to the local stables to help out every day. Wear wellies, plus fours, a wax gilet, and dark sage flat cap.

    Light Sage

    • Perfect For - City Boy
    • What is a City Boy - he prefers indoor activities such as going to the cinema or ice skating, he grew up in the city and is used to city activities. Wear a pair of jeans, a black jumper, and light sage flat cap. 


    • Perfect For - Sporty Boy
    • What is a Sporty Boy - he spends all of his time at practice and running around with his friends. When he finally settles down for a family outing he will agree to the flat cap, it just has to be blue. 

    How to Match and When to Wear

    I must say, a child will always look right for the occasion with his tweed flat cap; all of the adults will think they are so cute, but alas, there is a time and a place for this cap. Below we will provide occasions and the best outfit to go with their cap!

    Walking the Dog

    After school is dog walking time with mum! Put on a pair of light boots, trousers, a wax jacket and a navy tweed flat cap to keep that noggin warm. You want to dress in clothing you don’t mind getting a tad muddy or hairy, we all know the boy is going to play with the dog and get a bit dirty!


    Holiday has finally come! The Hawaiian shirts have been packed, along with the shorts, swimsuits, sunscreen, and hats. It is time to play in the sun and water, and enjoy poolside chilling and sandy beaches.

    Wear your swim trunks everywhere, you never know when you might be able to jump in the water, but until you reach the water, wear a colourful shirt and a dark sage baseball cap.


    Dad has arranged a playdate with the new boy in town, both families are heading to the zoo. Wear a pair of trousers, a t-shirt with animals on it, and a baseball cap to keep the sun off! He will be so excited about showing off his animal shirt to his friend he won’t mind wearing a hat today.


    Colour & Style

    Most children adore fun colours and do not fear a bright, funky outfit. We also know, you probably don’t want to be that mum that sends their child to class looking like a clown. We can’t help you out in the mornings to dress your child, but what we can do is make tweed hats in colours sure to match the rest of their closet!

    Dark Brown
    • Perfect For - Country Gal
    • What is a Country Gal - a gal who spends a lot of time in the country. They love to run around, pet horses and catch frogs. Dark brown is the suitable choice for a girl sure to get dirty.

    Dark Sage

    • Perfect For - Pony Girl 
    • What is a Pony Girl - she simply cannot get her to leave the stables or pony club! Everyone knows she will be quite the equestrian. The dark sage tweed cap is a fantastic option, dirt will not show and this country favourite will match anything in her closet.

    Light Sage

    • Perfect For - Girly Girl
    • What is a Girly Girl - She loves all things girly, goes for the prettiest, most frilly dresses, LOVES pink and purple. She definitely dressed as Elsa for Halloween and she is a full-time princess on weekends. A light sage tweed flat cap is a lovely colour choice, it is light and matches nicely with all of her pink and princess dresses. 


    • Perfect For - Preppy Girl
    • What is a Preppy Girl - Her favourite outfit is her school uniform. On weekends you will find her wearing pleated skirts and cardigans. Navy blue is her favourite colour, and matches the rest of her white, black and neutral coloured clothing, so she will happily wear a blue tweed cap! 

    How to Match and When to Wear

    Children and matching, that one is tough, we try our best, we really do, but sometimes Susie just wants to wear her bright pink princess dress and trainers all week. We personally don’t know Susie or you well enough to help with that one, but we can suggest some great outfits both you will both love! We will even tell you the best occasions to sport these outfits.

    Countryside Activities

    Tweed is made for countryside activities and leisure. All of the mums will gather around your child admiring their tweed flat cap. You laugh and tell the mums you only put it on them to protect them from the cold and sun.

    Dress your gal up in jean overalls, and a matching tweed shooting coat, she, of course, will fit right in and be able to run around and play.

    Everyday Wear

    On days where you will be outside all day dress your girl in her favourite purple shorts, a grey t-shirt and a tweed baseball cap for extra protection. On a cool day, dress them up in a pair of plus fours, wax jacket, and a blue tweed flat cap.

    Birthday Party

    The kids will be running around too excited to care about anything but the party. On days like these put aside a cute dark blue dress, one that won’t get stained when caked in mud and go for the dark sage baseball cap, you don’t want to deal with sunburnt cries, birthday parties are tiring enough!


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