Styling a Women's Tweed Blazer: From Casual to Formal

Styling a Women's Tweed Blazer: From Casual to Formal

Women’s tweed jackets have been the long-standing monarch of British fashion for centuries, and they’re not ending their reign anytime soon! Born in the Scotland countryside and revolutionised by high-end designers, all styles of tweed clothing for women now flood the UK.


Women’s tweed jackets have been the long-standing monarch of British fashion for centuries, and they’re not ending their reign anytime soon! Born in the Scotland countryside and revolutionised by high-end designers, all styles of tweed clothing for women now flood the UK.

Jackets and blazers are a must have for a discerning country lady. Tweed blazers for women go with any style to pull off a dazzling, gorgeous, and irresistible appearance. This durable, versatile and waterproof fabric is easy to wear in a casual or formal style, so country gals can pop on their jackets, complete with elbow patches, in the stable and on girls nights out, whereas the city girls can wear their fitted blazers to the office, to parties, and to meet her man’s parents!

Because blazers and jackets so go classically well with all kinds of clothing, you can pair yours with tweed waistcoats for ladies, pencil skirts, blouses of all varieties, ladies’ tweed flat caps, and no end of shoes. On the hunt for a tweed coat for women? Well, my little duck - you’re going to want to look online. Go take a look at them on the Equestrian Co. website in brown and green options.

Casual Ladies' Tweed Blazers & Jackets

Tweed blazers or jackets are the quintessential garment for anyone wanting to look smart in their leisure time; they are just perfect for smart events, workwear, your favourite casual country pursuits. Blazers for women are no longer just for days at the office! If you chose a women's tweed blazer, they’re even suitable for a day of in-hand showing and the trot up at your next big event and are a great transitional piece for a celebratory drink at the local later.

Blazers are enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment; one just has to look at the latest Fashion Weeks around the world to see them featured. Of course, blazers have been enjoyed by generations of savvy stylistas but did you know their history?
According to Wikipedia, "the sartorial term blazer originated with the red “blazers” of the Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825), the rowing club of St. John’s College, Cambridge. The Lady Margaret club jackets were termed blazers because of the bright red cloth, and the term survived the original red coat."
You won’t find bright red blazer jackets at Equestrian Co, or black or grey, but you will find a wonderful selection of tweeds in muted heather shades. The quality of the workmanship is this range is really phenomenal, the materials are wonderful with all styles in 100% pure wool, and the fit is a tailor’s dream.
If you want to stay warm and on trend, but still look smart enough to walk into a boardroom then why not browse our range of traditional ladies' tweed blazers?
Known for their durability and longevity, our timeless range will be a popular item in your wardrobe for many years to come. Versatile enough to be worn at all times of the year, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, they are the epitome of investment dressing, you’ll be glad to have this versatile piece in your personal collection.

Outfit & Style

Versatile enough to be worn year-round, tweed blazers make it easy to put together your outfits. But it’s hard to choose just one jacket - so how do you decide which is the one and only? While one tweed blazer can be adaptable enough to work with so many different looks, it’s still important to think about what you’ll be using it for; after all, that bright purple blazer might look incredible on a night out - but it does mean that you can’t also throw it on for a hunter class!

Buying a style that will enhance your figure, and draw in your waist is always a good choice. But don’t forget about all of the added extras, for example - are you the kind of lady who always carries everything in your purse? Or are pockets going to be a big must-have?

And what tweed blazer would be complete without some good old elbow patches, preferably in a velvet or corduroy fabric to enhance the overall look while sticking firmly to the countryside aesthetic!

But enough about fashion, just for now, because we’ve got to think about this Great British chilly weather! It’s all well and good having a light jacket for the few days of beautiful weather we have every year, but, if you’re on a quest for a winter jacket, you should look for a high wool percentage!

Everyone can pull off a fashionable and regal tweed look, it’s all about making the right style decisions to suit your style, taste, and attitude - let’s take a look at some of the areas you’ll need to think about!


Typically coming in colours found in nature, tweeds tend to lean towards shades of brown, green, grey, and beige, but vibrant and bright colours are also becoming more and more popular!

In spring, celebrate colour by experimenting with sorbet shades, all kinds of green, and even vibrant colours like orange and yellow. In the sunny summer months, play with vanilla, brown, and pastel colour blazers that have a high cotton content. And when the Pumpkin Spice shades of Autumn roll around, make the most of the most beautiful season with maroons and chocolate browns.

The colours that tend to work best for Christmas actually tend to work at any time of year - so if you’re a frugal lady - consider the “wear all year” colours of navy, green, grey, and black.

We recommend choosing a colour that complements, accentuates, or matches most of the clothes that you already own. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying all new outfits to match the new tweed accessories, not that it wouldn’t be fun, am I right ladies?!

How Is Tweed Made?

Originating in 18th century Scotland and popularised by British aristocracy in the mid-1800s, tweed is a fabric made from wool that initially provided farm labourers hard-wearing yet affordable fabric to defend against the chilly winter weather. It began as a fabric that was woven from dyed wool of pretty much any type of sheep, thus guaranteeing waterproof and wind resistant qualities. Although it is no longer hand-woven, tweed naturally retains these amazing qualities!

As with many incredible finds that started as a necessity, the aristocracy of Britain, upon seeing the fabrics use out in the field - claimed it as the go-to fabric for country pursuit attire. Although many materials have gone in and out of fabric over the years, tweed has stayed a firm favourite among both countryfolk, and city dwellers - and it doesn’t look set to end anytime soon.

Tweed’s long-standing popularity points to the fact that it’s the perfect material to use for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking to buy a cap, a pair of trousers, gloves, women’s suits, or, of course, jackets.


How do you find a blazer that fits your shape? Well, the first step is getting your measurements right! Our sizes run from 38 (Small) through 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 to 50 (XXX-Large). If you’re unsure of your exact sizing, fear not, dear lady - just take a look at our online sizing chart which you’ll find online, so that you can ensure that you look and feel your best in your new piece of kit.

When deciding on a new blazer, consider the type of fit you’re looking for - if a boyfriend fit is what you’re aiming for, we recommend buying one or two sizes larger than your true size, but if you’re more of a classic and fitted lady then be sure to stay true to your size!

Figuring Out Your Style

Your clothes say so much about you, your personality, and some fashion experts even claim they can tell you about where you are from, and where you’re going - just from taking a look at your outfit!

Nowadays, we’re all encouraged to embrace our style wholeheartedly, and by golly - that’s what we love to do! And too few women realize that being true to your style does not mean picking only one.

In fact, if you want to wear a hipster look in the morning, a chic look in the afternoon, and full-on vampire glam in the evening, you go ahead and do that!

Be brave, embrace your style, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from buying some outfits or fabulous pieces to add to your wardrobe that will make you feel like a million bucks!

Fashion Forward

What Is This Look - Drawing inspiration from designers and models the world over, the fashionista is sporting a new trend before it’s a thing. She has an uncanny ability to blend unusual colours, cuts, patterns, and textures, and her eagle eye for style is out of this world.

How To Know If It’s You - You’re not afraid to make a statement, to wear something that nobody else will even realize is “in fashion” for another six months. Your friends are always asking for your fashion advice before dates, or big nights out - and people always ask about your daring style.

Country Lady

What Is This Look - Supremely dignified, but with a sense of country charm! This woman has this refinement that others can’t exactly pinpoint - her country mystique defies the city slickers, and they’re left wondering how someone can achieve such down-to-earth elegance! She likely has at least three horses, and even if she doesn’t, her equestrian-inspired look illustrates her classic country style.

How To Know If It’s You - You adore the equestrian look, and prefer a variety of tweeds and other snazzy fabrics that aim at classical of country elegance - and give those city girls a run for their money! You don’t only put tweed with tweed, instead, you love pattern mixing with tartans, and even subtle stripes and polka dots.


What Is This Look - A hipster is someone ahead of the curve yet with masses of inspiration taken from the old-school. Retro, vintage, and classic are the best words to sum up a hipster! She makes pieces from yesteryear look refreshingly modern, but her love for all things retro will make itself known when you hear her record collection!

How To Know If It’s You - You gravitate towards, and feel right at home in a vintage aesthetic. Even though you prefer a style that hints at days gone by, you love sporting modern twists that let the world know that you do still love the new too! Your uncanny ability to mix the old and new creates a sense of nostalgia even the younger generations feel, but you also embrace the artsy quirks of this day and age!

City Slicker

What Is This Look - Immaculately dressed, this lady embodies the polished go-getter on a tight schedule! You might just stop this on-the-go girl in heeled boots and a long coat while she’s hailing a taxi, on her lunch break, or on business calls in between all her appointments. Although she’s in demand, this woman never compromises grace and polish with her sleek sense of style.

How To Know If It’s You - You feel most at home in the hustle and bustle of the city, and are most at home in classic, well-cut and timeless pieces. You often accessorise with exquisite yet simple jewellery and a classic leather purse, and although living a busy life, your ladylike mannerisms always remain intact. You love to embody a well put together, regal look.

Farm Fresh

What Is This Look - You’re no city girl who moved out to the country, oh no, you’re a bonafide farm chick. The function of your clothing is most important to you, as you’ll be busy getting stuck into farm work all day, but hey - you still want to look cute when doing it if possible! Always chill, competent, and in charge, the farm lady is full of warmth and charm, and while she’s always hard at work, she’ll always have time to offer you a cup of tea.

How To Know If It’s You - You’re not easily thrown, and even if something does go wrong - you’re always ready to jump in with a solution. You understand the practicality - and beauty - of layering. You look for functionality behind every major fashion choice and aren’t fussed about wasting time on accessories. You have a penchant for simple country flair and always manage to look effortlessly beautiful, leaving all the gents open-jawed when you wave from your tractor.

Where To Buy It

Every woman loves convenient shopping, and there’s no better way to buy women’s tweed jackets and blazers than by purchasing them online. Although there are so many options, we have the highest confidence in Equestrian Co’s merchandise - our products offer the rare combination of high quality and affordability. You can shop our website and be reassured that you are beating even the sale prices of lower quality blazers!

Because exceptional service is our highest priority, we test and review every single one of our merchandise to make sure that it’s not only stylish, but tough and does what it says it will do. We don’t think it will happen, but in case your new buy is not to your absolute liking, you better believe that you are free to return your item in within 14 days - no questions asked. Our quick and free delivery to mainland UK ensures that you’ll be able to wrap yourself up in your gorgeous new piece in no time!

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